In criminal procedure should truth-seeking be valued over individual privacy?

  • Nothing to hide.

    Looking at it from my perspective, If I were being investigated and potentially looking to be charged, I would show all my cards to prove that i'm not responsible of whatever i'm being accused of. Of course if you have some embarrassing secrets or simply trying to keep your relations with others secret, I would think that having your privacy exposed is better than being locked up because you aren't willing to cooperate. Besides, If you live a life with honesty and integrity (However you may define it) than you won't have a problem letting the world know.

  • I just want to hear y'alls opinion.

    Tell me your opinion! The more reasons the better! The more cases, Evidence, The more anything the better, I have always been very curios about this topic! Thank you guys for posting your opinions and voting and I am typing a lot to fill the words count, Thanks again y'all!

  • Protection of the populous

    When law enforcement officers do everything they can to ascertain the truth, The public's safety is upheld.
    In the criminal justice system, We all recognize that if our procedures let guilty men run the streets and fail to keep us safe, They should be altered. We put a murderer in jail for a minimum of 25 years because we don’t want him or others to murder again. We want to be safe. And truth seeking is the key to being safe.

  • Im leaning towards no

    Depends on the crime and the evidence. If its shoplifting or murder or something small then no. But if its rape or child abuse then yes. I need to fill the word count now so. Another way would be to have the acuser decide and if nothing is found the acuser gets prison time.

  • It's unjust to violate my privacy (without a warrant).

    I think that the problem with criminal procedure valuing truth-seeking over individual privacy is that it goes against the constitution. If we value truth-seeking then what will stop the police from searching your house and you without a warrant? Now, Yes, You can say, "Oh, Well I have nothing to hide. " But, As Edward Snowden, A former CIA employee once said, "Arguing that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying that you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say. " Now don't get wrong, I don't want criminals to get away with crimes, But I also don't want people to get away with violating my rights as an American citizen. I believe that justice is getting what you deserve and if you deserve jail it is jut for you to be sentenced to jail. Americans are due their rights and one of our rights is privacy. So if you unjustly take away someone's right in an attempt to find the truth then you are acting unjustly.

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