In "Curb Your Enthusiasm" who do you side with: Larry (yes) or the guy scolding him for singing Wagner (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes, Larry is a sympathetic character.

    Yes, in Curb Your Enthusiasm I side with Larry, instead of the guy scolding him for singing Wagner, because Larry is a funny character and it's impossible not to like him. Larry is socially awkward and gets himself into a lot of bizarre social situations. It's hard not to like him. The guy scolding him isn't as sympathetic.

  • Larry is the winner.

    Without Larry, there would be no Curb Your Enthusiasm, so of course you have to side with him. The guy who was scolding him for singing it clearly does not appreciate the true musical talent of Mr. David. Such philistines should never be sided with, in real life or on television.

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