In God We Trust was an anti-communist statement: Should we take the words off U.S. money?

  • Yes, the statement should be removed immediately

    It is understandable why the statement was put on U.S. money in the first place, but now it is time for it to be removed. There is no need to bring the "God" word in to things like money. In an increasingly secular world they should remove the statement to reflect modern times.

  • We should take "In God We Trust" off of money

    There is some appeal to leaving "In God We Trust" on American money. First of all just all the trouble it would take to redesign and change our currency. Also, many Americans believe in some type of God and would not demand such action. However, American also champions the separation of church and state. We also proudly welcome all people, regardless of religious affiliation, which makes the statement seem less and less appropriate.

  • No it shouldn't be removed

    If "In God We Trust" pisses off communists, good! I could argue the religious aspect but I mean a think the rational people here can agree pissing of communists because of their flawed ideology is funny as. They can hold an argument to save their life. Communism has never worked and they still insist it's better than capitalism.

  • Every little thing!

    Come on! If you really think that taking four words off money is a good example of separation of church and state, you need to stop. Also, how do you expect to take all the money out, edit it, and put all the money back in? How will you pay for it?

  • No, I'm not ready for that.

    No, I'd prefer not to take "In God We Trust" off United States currency. For many of us, it's reassuring. Maybe it's silly to print these words on money. Maybe it offends some people. But for a lot of us, it's a healthy reminder that there are far more important things in life than money.

  • No it wasn't,"In God We Trust" was a statement that many theist Americans could relate to.It was not anti-communist.

    The statement "In God We Trust" is the national motto of the US. It doesn't criticise communists or communist ideologies in any way. Many Americans believe in God and they can relate to this statement. It also has symbolic reference to fighting against evil and injustice, as well as uniting all Americans against outside threats.

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