In heterosexual relationships between youths, are boys more mature than girls?

Asked by: famer
  • Guys can be very mature

    Even though it is true girls are more than boys not all because the girls I have studied with have been acting immature. One girl I know says she's more mature than me well I'm older than her and you know age doesn't matter but, I know a little bit about psychology and I see that she talks nonsense most of the time and really she thinks she more mature than me give me a break. Results can show girls mature faster but, not all. Some try to act mature but, they really aren't. Age doesn't matter or if you say I'm older/younger I'm mature than you? NO!!! To be mature you have to act mature do it but don't say it. Just show maturity. You can see and hear girls say "oh yeah boys are so immature" but, with some that I know I see that there are guys that take things seriously because there is a study showing that girls are also on the rise of reckless driving and soon females are going to have to pay more for their car insurance. There have been studies showing women drinking and driving and some you know most tenting and driving when they should really understand that someone can get hurt. And not all girls are always acting up and thinking things straight.

  • Girls Are Always More Mature

    Developing boys are filled with hormones that make them act like morons. The proof of this is easily found on any high school or college campus. This doesn't give girls a pass, either. Teenagers and people in their early twenties can do stupid things regardless of gender, but so can older people, too.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Sometimes it depends with the field

    Girls mature faster than boys but there will be a time when their maturity levels will reach maximum capacity hence boys will reach that level and still continue to mature till 70's . The other thing is also girls mature in terms of emotions and boys mature in terms of their IQ

  • Most of the time, no

    Boys take longer to mature than girls. I'm not saying that girls are always mature, but boys are often even less so. At young ages, boys are full of testosterone, raging hormones that, more often than not, all they're interested in is sex. Girls also have similar hormones, but it is a fact that girls do mature faster

  • No, boys are not more mature then girls.

    Girls always seem to mature faster than boys. It is a scientific fact. They reach puberty first, they are more nurturing and more reliable. That is also why a girl pays less on her car insurance. Boys are more reckless. Boys think with the wrong head, and they never seem to outgrow that.

  • Girls are generally more mature.

    Perhaps I'm biased by being female, but in my experience, girls have always been more mature than boys. I think society expects more of girls from a younger age - for them to be prim and proper, so this leads to more maturity and experience once youths begin to date.

  • Well, no, usually not

    "Girls are always more mature" is also a wrong statement, these aren't universal truths that always hold water. However, in most cases, girls do mature quicker than boys, which would mean they're usually the more mature one in early relationships. These things vary, no gender is always a superior one regardless of the topic, but the concept of this "question" is usually wrong.

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