In hindsight, did the American public overreact to Snyderman's brief violation of her self-quarantine for Ebola?

  • Does she not have civil rights?

    She had already been tested and found to be negative for Ebola. There was no reason to quarantine her. How much of our civil rights should we sacrifice for safety? In this case the infringements on here rights had 0 potential to make anyone safer. Ebola posses little threat in the United States. We should be worried about our astronomical over use of antibiotics and disinfectants breading drug resistant bacteria's. Oh and our irresponsible use of flue shots they should be for the very young or old and others who have compromised immune systems. For a person of average health the flu has a very low fatality rate and rarely requires hospitalization. Missing school or work is inconvenient but not that's life deal with it its completely natural to get sick on occasion.

  • No, the American public did not overreact to Snyderman's violation of the Ebola self-quarantine.

    No, the American public did not overreact to Snyderman's violation of the Ebola self-quarantine. Now that Ebola has not been spread by Snyderman it is easy to say America overreacted, but in the unlikely event that her violation of the quarantine resulted in the illness or death of anyone this would have been a very situation. It is better to err on the side of caution when it comes to a deadly disease such as Ebola.

  • Never Overreact to Death

    The idea that an overreaction to the possible spread of one of the most deadly diseases on Earth is laughable. Even if the people who could possibly be contaminated from Ebola exhibit no symptoms, it's better to not take that chance. Especially since not a lot is known as to how Ebola is properly spread or other factors.

  • Dr. Snyderman's violation of the Ebola quarantine should not be ignored

    Any doctor who would be willing to ignore an agreed upon self-quarantine should not be trusted. That is exactly what Dr. Snyderman from NBC did when she agreed to stay out of the public after coming back from an Ebola infected region. Her apology was heard, but her actions spoke much louder and she definitely shouldn't be trusted.

  • The American Public Did Not Overreact.

    In my opinion the American public was justified in their distaste for Snyderman's violation of her self-quarantine. It doesn't matter what precautions she took while being exposed to the Ebola virus, because she was still exposed to Ebola. It only makes sense to do your absolute best to protect the public at large from such a devastating disease.

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