In interracial relationships, Should the child be considered the race of the father?

  • God put man in charge. Child is seed of the father.

    God created the world for men. Women were created to help and serve men. God allows interracial love and marriage for it is not a perversion. We are all humans. As with monoracial marriages, The wife must obey her husband and she bears HIS children for the child is the seed of the father as stated in the Bible.

    In the context of interracial marriage, Since the child is the seed of the father, The child should be assigned the father's racial identity. Black women married to white men have white children and white women married to black men have black children. So on and so forth with other races.

    When making love, White women married to black men scream "Yes! Give me a black baby! " and black women married to white men scream "Please give me that white seed. I want a white baby! " So, This is yet another way women consciously or subconsciously allude to men's dominance.

    PS. I don't actually believe this. Look for my answer on the "No" side. I am merely providing both sides of the argument to invoke discussion. What is written above is purely satire, Although I expect some believe it to be true.

  • Yes, But not really.

    The child will genetically be both, A mix of two, Anywhere between a 10/90 up to a 50/50.
    It would be unwise to, Biologically says a child is of the race of the father.
    BUT, As a family, It is logical that the father claim the race of the baby.

  • No that is fake news

    You see in these situations there can be what experts call the "Airhead: white mystery" when a white female gives birth to a black/mixed baby or vice versa when the supposed father is the same race as the female. The supposed father figures out he got cucked by his female. From these situations, We can figure out that premeditated race mixing the child should just be called mixed

  • We don't need more division

    The child in an interracial relationship is mixed/biracial no more needs to be said, Furthermore, This should not have any bearing on the child future in the first place. The genes are equally distributed from the parents to the child. We are all human beings and we don't need to put everyone in their own groups

  • No such thing as race.

    We are all people and even if race existed, It is generally accepted that the child in an interracial relationship is mixed/biracial. The genes are equally distributed from the parents to the child. A kid with a white father and black mother is not white. A kid with a black father and white mother is not black. They are both "biracial". But really, As I said before race is a made up construct and skin color is just a trait like eye or hair color. We are all human beings. Stop with the division.

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