In interracial relationships, The child should be considered the race of the father.

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  • Americans have no race

    Generally I despise it when people strongly identify with a race at least in the United States because American is not a race it is a people with a common history and shared culture based in the constitution bill of rights and the Bible The bible says "there is neither Jew or Greek for you are all one in Jesus Christ" when it comes to race all I think of is physical appearance

  • Race isn't real.

    We are all people. In "interracial" relationships all you really have are another father, Mother and child. If race were real, And you valued a patriarchal mindset then the child would be considered the race of the father and that used to be the case when the government took the census, Believe it or not.

    If your dad was white and your mom was black, You were considered white by the census. If your dad was black and your mom was white you were considered black by the census.

    Even stranger, There was a point where this role was flipped and your identity was dependent on the "race of the mother.

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