In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, should they have allowed the dinosaurs to die?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • The mistake had to be corrected

    I am referring to the beginning over the debate about whether or not they should have allowed the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar to perish in the volcanic eruption. I vote yes, they should have never been cloned in the first place. Hammond made the grave mistake and now nature was correcting it. For dinosaurs to coexist with humans and modern-day animals would devastate the ecosystem. Dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago so we could evolve, old life must die to make room for new life. And in regards to the ending part, I also vote yes.

  • These animals are too dangerous to be kept alive

    By this logic we should allow people like hitler, Kim jon un, And osama bin laden to exist as " human life is precious" and i'm a fucking vegetarian, Anti death penalty, Anti gun and even I think these creatures should have died. These creatures being alive would lead to more animals and people dieing than leaving these creatures alive would be doing.

  • They aren't natural.

    Dinosaurs are not meant to exist in the current world. They went extinct millions of years ago, Which allowed new life forms to develop. Dinosaurs and the species of today have not evolved to coexist. They threaten the natural order of the world and the food chain. Side note: I really, Really hated the ending of that movie. That kid was so stupid.

  • Global ecological devastation

    Just thinking of how a single allosaurus would wreck absolute devastation on whatever it comes across is bad enough but something so tiny as the compy would completely destroy all small mammals so say goodby to groundhogs, Cats, Dogs, Children pretty much anything that's on the ground at any point. And the terrorsaurs would out compet any avian animal on the planet. I'm from new zealand and animals like ferrets, Rats, Possums and cats have killed off so many native birds now lets apply that were the dinos are the ferrets and cats and all other animals are small land dwelling birds and we will see the destruction of our natural ecosystem as we know it.

  • Yes they should never exist

    They literally released the dinosaurs onto the earth once more. The movie made the same argument that the dinosaurs should not be in a zoo because they are super predators.
    No one learned the lesson and were eaten. Then they decided one on making more and making them smarter and releasing them to the wild.
    This is the same logic that makes people keep stocks of deadly viruses in containment waiting for some bumbling person to unleash them on the earth. Those dinosaurs needs to be cleansed with fire.

  • There was no mistake here

    The value of these creatures is priceless. Their DNA has unlimited potential for scientific breakthroughs. To help advance medical treatment could be just one benefit to keeping them alive.
    Also the ethics within humanity should be striving to save endangered species, these animals have the right to live as we all do.
    I have SAVED the BEST point till last. The BEST reason to keep these dinosaur's alive is so that we can watch JURASSIC WORLD 3 ;) didn't think about that did you haha.
    No Dino's NO!! Jurassic world 3, the little girl made the right choice :D

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