In Kentucky, if you're touching the border of the states in the north, or are in northern Kentucky, are you considered Yankee?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Northern Kentucky is Yankee

    Once you are halfway north into the state that is Yankee territory. The border area of Kentucky is already Yankee enough. Plus Kentucky is not really Southern anyhow. Only Missouri is more Northern. Kentucky has a mixed history admittedly, but Kentucky can be divided in two. The southern half of the state is southern, the northern is northern.

  • Its pretty Southern

    Kentucky is pretty industrial near the Ohio River but if you go south into the mountains i would say Southern. Kinda like Maryland, Northern, DC area and Baltimore but enter the Eastern Shore, Southern and Western its More Southern. Kentucky always had Southern culture. I always include any state South of the Mason-Dixon or Slave state Southern

  • Interesting Question To Ponder!

    I was born in Kentucky. In my life, I've also lived in the Deep South, North & Midwest. When in the Deep South, I was considered a d*mn Yankee! Why? I was born in KY. While Kentucky is a Southern state, it was also quickly occupied by the Union in "The Big War" (If you know what I mean?).

    Now, when I resided in the North & Midwest, I was considered a Southerner (though many prefer crude terms like "Hillbilly" or "Cracker"). Why? I was born in Kentucky. Kentucky is part of the South.

    By my own observation ... Kentucky is a Southern state. But even the Southern states can be divided between, South & Deep South. There honestly are differences in the cultures, though not huge ones. And, yes, if you examine any Civil War-era map ... Kentucky was on the northern end, but still south of the Mason-Dixon line. So, the answer to this question depends greatly on where you are standing geographically. Since most of my life has been spent in the South, I consider myself a Southerner.

  • Above passage posted by sweetpea

    I was raised in the south and the Midwest but I was born in Louisville Kentucky so a lot of people said I was a Yankee but I have a southern accent, so am I a Yankee or a Southern??? I mean all this arguin' is get tin' annoying please respond

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