In Kentucky, it is illegal to sell alcohol on election day until after the polls close: Should this be a universal law across the U.S.?

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  • No, after an election like this one, we need all the help we can freaking get.

    I have rarely seen such a polarized electorate before, to the point that many aren't voting so much for someone, as against someone. If the current crop of candidates aren't enough to drive you to drink, you are either a monk, or attend a very supportive AA group. Hell, some may need a little of that liquid encouragement just to muster up the damn will to vote.

  • No, alcohol sales should not be affected by the election day.

    After the election, many people will need alcohol, but I do not think that restricting the sale on election day will help or hurt the election. Many people who would want a drink during the day hours of election day have probably prepared and bought some the day before, so I do not think that this should be a law in all states of the United States.

  • No, alcohol sales should not be illegal before the closing of polls.

    If the main concern for the restriction of selling alcohol until after the polls close is to keep people from drinking until after they vote, then it only stops people who wake up on election day and decide they want alcohol to drink and do not have any in their house. If this becomes a national law, then alcohol sales will increase the day before elections and people will just drink at home if they want to drink before voting.

  • Alchohol Sales Should Not Affect Election

    People should not be prohibited from drinking just because it is election day. A lot of people do not even vote so there is really no point in stopping the sale of alcohol. If someone is drunk, they are still going to vote for who they planned on voting for anyway. That would not really change.

  • No, it is a silly law.

    Blue laws do not prevent people from drinking or getting drunk. People can have alcohol at home. I don't know if it is legal to be drunk while voting, but public intoxication is already not allowed, so it does not seem like much of a problem to me anyway. Most people don't drink and vote.

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