In labor disputes, do you usually side with workers (yes) or management (no)?

  • Workers are usually justified in their strikes.

    These days, big companies are making record profits, yet normal workers see little of this money. Greedy business leaders do not care about the people who their companies depend on for labor, and they exploit them as much as they can. Labor unions are usually justified in their disputes and strikes.

  • Companies Need to take Better Care of Workers

    In labor disputes I nearly invariably side with the workers, who often are being denied a living wage, proper, affordable benefits and decent working conditions. More and more corporations are only concerned about their bottom line and do nothing to look out for their workers. In fact, many corporations deliberately disenfranchise their workers for corporate gain, doing things like firing tenured employees to hire cheaper labor, stagnating wages, offering unaffordable benefit plans and cutting pension plans and retirement matches. Workers need to work together more to fight these corporations and protect their future.

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