In Legend of Zelda Does Link Show the idea of Chivalry?

Asked by: hbomb117
  • Contribution of woman (without love), bravery, mystical ideas, all the stages of quest.

    Link is brave and heroic. When he goes on a quest, he has a specific cause to go on the quest (the call). While link is on the quest he finds treasures. For example in "the ocarina of time" he finds a legendary ocarina, boots, and master sword and other things that gives him power. However what I didn't catch is the courtly love. Or maybe i'm not familiar with it. But woman do play a role in link's adventures. For example, zelda offers link an ocarina, and even helps link get through things. And malon helps him get his horse. Many mystical facts are included too. Magical powers, a fairy, and evil forces he has to fight.

  • Maybe he is, maybe he isn't.

    Link has always been the the type of character that the player self-projects themselves onto. You're playing the good guy, but that doesn't make you the good guy. Honestly, this doesn't seem to be a fair question because this game doesn't really give you the chance to express the contrary.

    Besides most players farm rupees by entering homes and breaking pots. If the game doesn't give you the means to choose, then this question may be pointless.

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