In life, are there obstacles that are out of your control?

Asked by: Marshy
  • Yeah there is. Like a crazy amount.

    Lets see...Disablility, disorder, cancer or any other serious disease, getting ahot in the back of the head by someone youve never met and didnt see coming. Being born into an impoverished family and destined yo work in a Chinese Iphone factory. Theres a lot of things that our out of your control. Like being born a minority race in a prejudiced country. I can go all day.

  • Well Yes Many of them are.

    You simply cant predict all that will happen in life. However there are obstacles you can avoid and you are in control of you're reaction to the obstacles you do encounter. Some very few people have a direct path in life. And you shouldn't be afraid to take the scenic route.

  • You do not have power over what other people think.

    In life, someone may approach you and say something that you may not agree with. You do not have control over other people. All you are able to do is respond in a polite way. If you are trying your best in school and other people make fun of you because of your learning style, you cannot control that. Things like what other people think are out of control.

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