In life, is there only positive and negative selfishness?

Asked by: Nels4Tats
  • This truth is obscured by language

    If someone devotes their time or gives money or some other valueable to helping others and doesn't get money, some material object, or at least an increase in social status or tax breaks from doing so we say they "did it for nothing" or "did it selflessly". But really it made them feel good so they did do it for themselves. It's only a trick of language that suggests people ever do things selflessly. Everything is ultimately selfish.

  • There is more than two types of people

    Since there is more than two types of people, there can be more than positive and negative selfishness. Perhaps someone never meant to be selfish in the first place? And what about selflessness. Yes there are positive and negative consequences, but there is also an in-between. The world is not just black or white, there are shades of gray in everything. Including selfishness.

    Posted by: TazM

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