In light of recent political events, should we scrap the secret ballot?

Asked by: BeyondTheBox
  • We should be open about our views

    We have gone beyond a time where people will be blackmailed for their views. Instead we are seeing a lot of surprise polling and a lack of debate between differing opinions. Brexit was an argument where many people were unable to justify their argument sufficiently after the election was won so an open ballot would make people discuss these issues and allow for proper solutions to be found. A democratic country would benefit from this because it would increase the need for political participation.

  • This would return the use of force to win elections.

    We are not beyond the time when people would be blackmailed to vote for someone. The only protection a voter has against those wishing to change his vote with force is a secret ballot. Power corrupts and those who are corrupted would be willing to use force to gain more power (those who are elected officials and those who are not).

    We already have companies telling their employees that they will lay off people if one side wins the election. Without the secret ballot the employer will know exactly who to lay off, force out, or not to give a raise or promotion.

    Besides an open ballot would not change those who are closed minded to suddenly be open minded nor someone uninvolved become engaged in discussion.

    What is needed is an informed electorate who understand who/what they are voting for and the possible consequences.

  • People need to be able to vote without fear

    A secrete vote is the best way to ensure that people cannot being bribed or threatened into voting a certain way and to ensure that the government can't take punitive actions against people who voted against it. I don't think that a secrete ballet prevents discord, those who want to debate will and those who don't won't secrete and open ballets can't change that.

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