In light of the ongoing peace process, should Mahmoud Abbas seek re-election?

  • Yes he should.

    In light of the ongoing peace process, Mahmoud Abbas should seek out re-election. This would make sense as he is trying to make his country a better place, and him being re-elected will make sure that he will be able to continue the ongoing peace process and not have it derailed.

  • Abbas Doesn't Deserve Re-Election

    Mahmoud Abbas shouldn't seek re-election because he hasn't helped the peace process in any awy. He's actually made things far worse in his country, and the peace process would progress more without him in the picture. Therefore, Abbas needs to fade away by not seeking re-election so that his country can heal.

  • Peaceful transfer of power.

    No, in the ongoing peace process, Mahmoud Abbas should not seek reelection, because Abbas needs to show his people and the world that he and his people can transfer power peacefully. There will be much more peace with the West if Abbas can demonstrate that the will of the people will be honored, and that new leaders can rise to power. It is time for Abbas to set an example.

  • No he should not

    I think that his time is done and that it is time for Palestine to move forward with another appointed leader preferably with some one that will continue to bring peace for them. Maybe it would not be wise to re-elect Abass because it might cause too much of an uprising.

  • Mahmoud Abbas should not seek re-election.

    Mahmoud Abbas should not seek re-election. Abbas, who became president nearly five years ago, had been expected to seek re-election, despite the deep factional divisions among his own
    people and the deadlock in returning to peace talks. But he said the Palestinians were "at a crossroads". He does not plan to run or seek re-election next year.

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