In light of the prevalence of Islamic terrorism, is anti-Muslim discrimination appropriate?

  • We have to protect ourselves.

    Yes, in light of the prevalence of Islamic terrorist, anti-Muslim discrimination is appropriate, because we as a nation have to be able to protect ourselves from people who want to harm us. It doesn't make any sense to pay down an 80 year old white man before a flight. The 30 year old Arab man should receive careful scrutiny, and that is fair.

  • No, it never is.

    It is easy to understand the anger and pain that the victims of terrorism feel, but that does not mean every single Islamic person and Muslim person is a terrorist. These people are nice, and for the most part they avoid the terrorist organizations if they have the choice to do so.

  • No anti-Muslim discrimation is not appropriate.

    Discrimination against anti-Muslims is no better than the discrimination that the Islamic terrorists display against their targets. To completely discriminate an entire group of people because of their religious beliefs, based on the acts of a few radicals, is not fair. Discrimination of any kind is not ethically acceptable and should not be tolerated.

  • Assumptions Are Deadly

    There were many problems after Pearl Harbor in the USA regarding natural Japanese citizens. These citizens despite being loyal Americans were put to humiliating and unethical treatment in camps. The American people cannot let their history repeat itself, and allow ignorance to scare them into abusing their fellow countrymen, who are just as important as them

  • No, I don't think anti-Muslim discrimination is appropriate.

    I think that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and contributing members to their local communities, I don't think it's appropriate at all to discriminate against all Muslims just because some radicals have resorted to terrorism is some radical portions of the Islamic Religion, I think we need to be accepting of all different religions.

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