In light of the terror plot on Orleans that was prevented, is it safe to travel in France?

  • I think that it is safe to travel to France.

    I think that it is fairly safe to travel to France. The terror plot that happened in Orleans could have really happened any where. These terror plots could really be happening any where at any time and we could not know of them until they actually happen. France is only believed to be unsafe because of the way the media shows it.

  • We should not live in fear.

    Although it is impossible to say whether it is safe to travel to France, I think if we live in fear, the terrorists win. Terrorism literally means to inspire fear, so we should stand up to that and not be afraid to travel to France. Also, there is so much more security right now in light of the recent plots and terrorist attacks.

  • Not yet anyway

    Right now it's probably best to avoid traveling to France for a bit because these attacks are probably gonna be a recurring thing over the next few months. France will have enough to worry about dealing with these attacks, the thought of you being in France when another attack can happen would probably be on your mind as well. While I have little doubt that France won't be able to handle what is coming their way, if you intend to travel to France it would be best to wait as this is only the begin of what's to come and you may be one of the unlucky ones caught up in it.

  • It is not safe to travel in France at the moment

    As we can all see from the situation that the terrorists are planning to attack a lot of countries and places in Europe especially in France, it is not recommended to go there and travel at the moment. Though France is a beautiful country with lots of sight-seeing spots and it has its romantic air for the visitors to experience, it is one of the targets of the terrorists who claim to take a revenge on France for the previous incident. Therefore, France is still at a higher risk of being attacked. Thus, I would not recommend any of my friends to go there at the moment.

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