In modern day education, is it easy to be above average?

Asked by: GoodPoint
  • It seems like average is getting lower,

    I've always been test lucky, and clever when it comes to knowing what's important and what can be procrastinated, but I don't attribute my success to intelligence. I simply believe my willingness to jump through the educational hoops shows in my report cards. It seems like for the most part, getting A's is easy, weather you're intelligent or just good at managing your time. I think most people are capable of it. But I also have friends who I would say are smarter than me who go on a B average. So I'm curious what the difference is there.

  • This question proves dumb is the new average

    Being average is something that is relative to your peers so no matter what there will always be average people, and those that fall above/below.

    People are definitely getting dumber though. One only has to look at history to see how amazingly intelligent our founding fathers were i.e. Thomas Jefferson. Then i took a look at entrance exams for Harvard and other schools in the early 19th century.... They are impossible. Some questions aren't relevant but the math alone is far more advanced.

    Lots of people are enabling children to cop out saying school is too difficult. I say thats a joke because the current writing standards are so low now I would say nearly every child would fail writing exams from previous generations. The standards are lower.

  • This statement is invalid.

    Average means the mean (let's say) score. An average is not set by the teachers or whatever, it is set by the performance of a student. It could be seen from one persons perspective that the average is low, since they have high grades all the time, but for many (since it is average) they will get the average score because many will get the average score since that is the definition of average.

  • School is hard

    It's hard to maintain high grades and high test scores because these days teenagers go through a lot of awful things that take away from school. It's more important in school for kids to get high grades than to actually learn these days anyway. It doesn't help that so many people think that it should be easy to be above average when it really is not.

  • Being just average is unacceptable

    Fifty years ago, if you were just an average student who graduated high school with an average GPA being between a 2.00 and a 2.49 was acceptable but today, being just average is unacceptable. After all, we live in a very competitive time in the United States and you have to compete with people from all over the world for opportunities in the professional arena and if you are just average, you will fall behind and never catch up.

  • The question doesnt make sence

    If it was easy to be above average, then more people would be above average, so the average would increase, that my friend is what the word means, If everyone was better than average, it would be average.... How many times can a fit the word average in one sentence?

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