In Mountain Home, a fire chief resigned after his firefighters looted a FedEx truck. Should he have suspended the firefighter instead?

  • Mountain Home Fire Chief should have taken tougher action

    A fire chief in Mountain home should have suspended a firefighter rather than resign. The firefighter was caught looting a FedEx truck, a breach of the public's trust. Rather than a meaningless verbal warning, the fire chief should have taken tough action. This would have sent the appropriate message to the department and public.

  • Yes, the firefighte who looted the FedEx truck should be suspended.

    Yes, I am in agreement that the fire chief should have suspended, at a minimum, the fire fighter who looted the FedEx Truck. If anything, the fire fighter who committed such a crime should be terminated. It doesn't make sense that the fire chief should resign unless he had something to do with the scandal.

  • It's all about accountability.

    People should be held responsible for the stuff they do. I can understand the chief's resignation because of not managing your crew better but I feel like the actual perpetrator should bore the brunt of the punishment. If you do the crime you have to do the time, it's as simple as that.

  • Taking responsibility is the true mark of a leader.

    I feel that the Mountain Home fire chief's resignation was absolutely appropriate. As the leader of a team, when your men commit an act like that, it not only reflects poorly on the team as a whole, but on you as a leader. It is a leader's job to set the standard and to take responsibility when that standard is not met. I think it shows great courage to accept the actions of the team as your own and to take responsibility.

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