In order to create more jobs should pumping your own gas be made illegal, like it is in New Jersey?

Asked by: Delons
  • Create More Jobs

    Let's create more jobs in the U.S.! By banning pumping your own gas, stations will need to hire at least one more employee. This will help reduce unemployment. New Jersey has already done this and proved that it is possible. Let's get more states to follow in their path and ban the pumping of your own gas.

  • The banning of customer pumping is a great opportunity for societies' employment.

    If pump jobs are given, then unemployment will go down. This will create more jobs, and help out the economy. If people and the economy are well taken care of then the government will in turn be in good shape. Gas pumpers are also beneficial to customers, because it's a favor to them.

  • Pumping your own gas being punishable by law!? That sounds ridiculous.

    Imagine going to jail for pumping your own gas. It is an act that negatively affects no one. We already have a huge prison overpopulation problem, why would you add any unnecessary reasons to put people there? People used to pump other people gas, and they stopped for a reason. It keeps cost down to get rid of them. The cons significantly outweigh the pros. I'm sure that on top of the increased gas price, you would be expected to tip the person pumping also.

  • I Can Do it Myself

    Absolutely not, a person hires someone else to do something the first one cannot do themselves for whatever reason. Forcing people to pay others to do things they can do themselves is ridiculous. How about having those same people do things like fix roads or collect taxes, something useful. I'm sorry if the government wants to give people money, at least call it what it is--welfare, I have less of a problem with that.

  • This will cause more harm than good.

    I'm going to keep this short and to the point. How will you pay for these new employees? Gas prices will go up! As gas prices increase small businesses and the middle class feels the pinch. As well don't know many people willing to work in that position past 20 do to economic disparity. Create high paying jobs not minimum wage positions that encourage the lazy in a position that have no growth potential.

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