In order to prevent eating disorders, should models be required to maintain a minimum body weight proportionate to their height?

  • Yes there should

    Models are getting hurt by this even being killed by this, and this also affects there admirers to be just like they, so in my opinion there NEEDS to be a minimum weight, for the greater good not just because from was i heard there was a model that weighed 88 pounds and died. We need to make a stand against this.

  • Yes to health.

    I am writing because I feel deeply troubled and confused as to why the majority of models we view in magazines, towering posters, and television commercials appear underweight. Urban Outfitters, Topshop, American Apparel, ZARA, Vogue...(unfortunately the list is a thousand times taller than Kate Moss's entire stiletto collection stuck together with zero fat humus) they must be aware of how gravely ill these girls seem to the non-modelling population. Or are they completely delusional?

    I have sent photos of models from each of the labels listed above to over 70 people, both men and women ranging from 14-72 years of age and ALL of these responded thinking at least one model from each brand appeared an unhealthy weight or "anorexic" as one 52 year old psychotherapist put it.

    Are these brands surprised by this response to their chosen aesthetic? Or have they learnt how to filter customer distress? If so, why? We enjoy seeing healthy people and lets face it, seeing healthy people WILL NOT stop us from spending money. If anything we will buy MORE from labels that promote images with which we can relate.

    What is the fashion industry going to do to ensure the physical and mental safety of models and consumers that go to FATAL LENGTHS in-order to keep in line with the GET THE LONDON LOOK aka GET THE MALNOURISHED LOOK?

    How come it is illegal to advertise cigarettes and alcohol, but it's ok to advertise malnourished women as desirable, beautiful, and most dangerously HAPPY.

    If the fashion industry continues to ignore our distress (which, lets be honest, seems likely) what sort of action are we going to take?

    Nina Hemmings

  • I think so.

    Seriously, lots of models have eating disorders, I think honestly they should work out or eat healthier to be a size zero instead of not eating to be a size zero. Most people think it's more important to be skinny than healthy but it's not true, models are models because they are pretty and can pose well. Not because they are a size zero.

  • Health should come first

    I'm tired of models being unhealthy, unattainably thin. I want to see designers embrace women and their curves. For example, when trying on wedding dresses, the sizes are random (so a person can't feel bad about not fitting into a size 2), and they are made to make a woman feel beautiful. That's the real challenge and fashion designers are taking the easy way out. Design women's clothes for women and men's clothing for men.

  • Models also need to be role models.

    Models need to be fit and skinny, not anorexic skinny, but fit so that teens can look up to them. Australia is currently the most obese country in the world and we need role models to inspire teens so we can turn those statistics around. Models need to show that it is exercise and healthy eating that gets them where they are, not by starving themselves.

  • Modeling should carry the responsibility of being a certain weight compared to your height.

    yes the models are promoting eating disorders in young girls as they are ultra thin and in today's world all try to imitate them. most want to have a "zero size figure" like them. so to maintain their body they start compromising with their food which effects their health.

  • Models are making young teenagers have eating disorders such to have a 'perfect shape'

    Young girls with eating disorders have been increased rapidly in the last 20 years. Model have a massive impact on them as teenagers idealize celebrities which are on the edge of death. People need to realize that having an unhealthy diet and looking pale from not eating is a problem and should not be something that is praised for.

  • Models are often regarded as examples of beauty so they should have proportionate body weights.

    Young girls are bombarded with images of unhealthy models which sometimes leads girls into following unhealthy patterns themselves. Having healthier models with realistic bodies is important.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • Models should be required to maintain a minimum body weight proportionate to their height because they are role models for women all over the world.

    Models are on magazines to promote an image of perfection to men and women across the world. The epidemic of eating disorders has affected models, as seen by the number that have died as a result of low body weight. Models should be required to maintain a certain body weight to protect their health, as well as to decrease eating disorders.

    Posted by: SqualidVaughn
  • Yes

    A 'good' body for a model is 5ft 11in and 117lbs. That's the maximum weight a model should be. I am an ex model, fired when I turned 15 because I became too "fat" according to their standards. I am now at my natural weight of 125lbs and am considered underweight by the doctors for my height and age. After I was fired I struggled and struggled to get my model worthy body back for years resorting to heart failure due to my weakened heart from eating disorders.

  • Teens get eating disorder

    Teens want to look the part so what do they do anything to make them size 0 so they stop eating and go to the gym while on diet and that leads to aperson getting sick and havinganorexia nervosa which is not such a great thing to have for teenagers

  • What next - round up obese people and starve them so they reach body weight proportion?

    If you think we should make models obtain a 'minimum body weight proportion,' then what next, round up all the obese people and starve them until they get to a healthy weight? We all make our own choices, modelling is a job, and like athletes they have to have a certain weight to succeed.
    Eating disorders can effect anyone of any weight, and the modelling industry has got a lot of blame for eating disorders, but it is not necessarily models that cause eating disorders, it is the media attacking women for being too fat or too thin, then placing the blame on the fashion industry!

  • because its wrong!

    A weigh limit is just a way to make people feel depressed about the way they look. If there wasn't a weight limit then most people wouldn't worry about what they look like. Many people always wish they looked a certain way or like someone famous when in reality they say this because the media advertise beauty as skinny when beauty is simply within a person and not by their appearance! The only cause for insecurity is because of the media, they always have "skinny" actress, models, or actors when its unlikely to find someone mildly overweight or heavy because they feel its not "appropriate" or pretty. The wight limit is out of and and really needs to be stopped!

  • I don't think models should be required to maintain a minimum weight, because many women with eating disorders do not become emaciated or underweight.

    Many eating disorders, especially bulimia, do not actually result in drastic weight loss, to the point of emaciation. It would be completely possible for a model to have an eating disorder, but keep her weight just over the cutoff point. A better system would be for the fashion industry to simply not hire women that are obviously unnaturally thin. Two women can have the exact same weight and height, with it being obvious that one is healthy, and the other is starving. Weight is not the best indicator, as muscle atrophy, excessive boniness and sagging skin, and other features that are not very attractive show the evidence of unhealthy dieting.

    Posted by: BoorishKraig93
  • Because many models naturally have atypical height to body weight ratios, I do not believe that it is fair to impose minimum weight requirements on them.

    Most models are not "normal" women, in terms of their weight and height. Obviously, eating disorders cannot change a normal woman's height or bone density and, likewise, imposing minimum body weight proportions on models will not change their natural physiology. For that reason, I do not believe that those minimums should be imposed on women that are naturally tall and thin.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Skinny models make me wince, but I'd oppose legislated weight-to-height ratios to prevent eating disorders, because these disorders are an actual disease that have more complicated causes.

    Eating disorders are frightening and tragic, but plumper models aren't the answer. If I thought that mandatory minimum weight-to-height ratios for models would reduce eating disorders, I'd be on the other side of the debate. I believe, however, that eating disorders are not just an extreme version of wanting to be thin and attractive. Eating disorders are mental diseases that have complicated causes.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • I believe it is the responsibility of advertisers to use a wide variety of body types in their ads.

    It should not be the responsibility of the individual models to alter their weight, either way. Advertisers should employ models of all sizes in their advertising. Also, individuals should take responsibility for their own eating disorders. You cannot blame advertising or today's models' body types for the prevalence of eating disorders.

    Posted by: DesireeF
  • I do not believe models should be required to maintain a minimum body weight to prevent eating disorders, because it is unconstitutional.

    Everyone has the right to live as they choose to live, and eat what they choose to eat. You can not put a regulation on how much a person weighs, without stepping on their constitutional rights. We live in a country based on personal freedom, and when you start taking away the basic freedom to live your life as you choose, you are destroying the very thing that makes this country great.

    Posted by: PhoebeH
  • The government should not be involved with legislating how much people weight.

    The government should not be involved with legislating how much people weight. It is a gross violation of principles of personal freedom and the sanctity of a person's body. Not to mention the impracticality of measuring and weighing models body according to arbitrary standards. How could a policy regulating height to weight rations reasonably take into account the vagaries of individuals bodies. Not to mention that such judgments would further objectify bodies according to arbitrary measurements.

    Posted by: ZachBest
  • I don't think you should be able to dictate that to anyone, and it won't prevent eating disorders.

    I don't think anyone should be able to tell someone that they have to weigh a certain amount, and making models maintain a proper weight to height ratio is ludicrous. It won't prevent eating disorders by telling someone they have to eat. What are they going to do, force feed these models to keep up their weight? I don't think so. If people want models to weigh more, then change the standards of the industry so that these models don't have to look so skeletal, and they don't have to starve themselves or binge and purge.

    Posted by: PinkMych

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