In order to prevent more attacks, should the government have the authority to spy on Americans?

  • Death of more people

    Yes because it will prevent more terrorist attacks based on calls. No because they will invade privacy and we have rights. Terrorist attacks are not the only way deaths are caused but much property is damaged and more people die at one time. So it is common sense really. If we don't it could happen at any time and we would not be ready.

  • If you do not have anything to hide then suck it cause the government will do it anyways

    It might be invading our privacy but it is done for one reason only which is our safety of course. The government does not look into you unless you have given them reason to. What could be so bad about keeping us safe how could it be so wrong ?

  • Yes, It Can Stop Terrorist Acts!

    I don't care what the government does with my conversations, as long as it stops the guy who's making a phone call that will lead to a terrorist act later.
    I do not think the government is going to be posting my conversations on the internet, or even be remotely interested in them. They just want to stop the terrorists who want to hurt Americans.

  • Prevention of terrorism

    I strongly believe that if the goverment had the right to spy on all citizens forms of communication, then we would have a chance of preventing terrorism. The opposition may propose that terrorism is not a serious threat in modern society, however i ask you , how guilty would you feel if you could have saved hundereds of vunerable citizens lives?

  • It is for our own safety

    NSA knows best what they are doing. They are not spying for entertainment. I do not go through every record manually and read everything. They just plot patterns. Tomorrow, if there is a terrorist attack, NSA will be questioned why they were not able to stop it. So, its their job to act with responsibility and if spying does protect us, then we shouldn't be against it.

  • It's for the better.

    What exactly is so private? If you've done nothing, why worry? Do you really think the government cares about what you're having for dinner? They're merely sifting through the data for YOUR protection. We expect the government to protect us when we can't even give up certain 'rights'? We're only violating the social contract by doing so.

  • Yes it will keep us safer

    They should if it is going to keep us a lot safer than they should its like saying no i do not want you to spy on me but i still want to be safe well people you can't have it both ways if its going to keep us safe from 9/11 attacks they should be allowed

  • Do you have something to hide?

    Unless you have something to hide you shouldnt care wether or not Obama listens to your phone calls. This is for YOUR OWN SAFETY. They can catch crimes before they happen if they could listen in on phone calls. Why dont you think of it this way? Either there are more crimes or they get to read your texts.

  • 100% yes ! NO QUESTIONS ASKED

    ITS NOT LIKE THE GOVERNMENT IS GONNA COME AND SIT IN YOUR LIVING ROOM! They are doing it for YOUR safety!!! If you don't want a complete stranger listening in on yourone calls dont say something that private! Most people don't want the U.S to spy on us is because they're probably cheating on a spouse and they don't want anyone to find out...

  • NSA is inefficient at stopping attacks using data

    This is simple, even the head of NSA knows that it is useless. A study by Washington Times shows that Keith B. Alexander of NSA stated, "The number of terrorist plots foiled by the NSA’s huge database of every phone call made in or to America was only one or perhaps two."
    Here's the link: http://www.Washingtontimes.Com/news/2013/oct/2/nsa-chief-figures-foiled-terror-plots-misleading/#ixzz2kOhH7jKJ

  • Privacy first boys

    How can this measure save lives? First we should stop the increasing levels and consumption of alcohol in our country and then talk about terrorist attacks. I dont want another 9/11 but we've got to face the truth, and this is that privacy cant be invaded, because the US is well known for respecting private property and rights.

  • This makes me sick!

    This is what Russia used to do with the KGB - who the hell do they think they are? Screw you! It's now happening in the UK too, apparently to a greater extent concerning the amount of data collected. All of this stuff has been predicted for so many years by people who look beyond the brain-washing mass media and find out what 'executive' orders are being passed on weekends, when all have gone home and can't vote in person. Further, all of their plans are available on the Internet and are freely downloadable. Keep an eye on Syria cos' they're gunning for that one right now too. "We're here to protect you. Trust us and believe in us. No one else can save you from the terrorists who we control, as we command and fund them. It's gone too far, you can't do anything about it now....."

  • The desire for security from attacks is a sorry excuse for violating the U.S. Constitution by spying on Americans

    I well know that there is no "right to privacy" written into the U.S. Constitution but there is in fact the 4th Amendment which restricts "unreasonable search and seizure." When the government spies on its citizens, it violates that Amendment and weakens the Nation as a whole more than any attack could.
    There is a need for all people to resist such spying. It is a sadness to me that many of the Nation's citizens are unaware of their Constitutional rights and their importance.

  • Absolutely not

    The very last thing the government should have is more power to spy on us than they already have to begin with. They never should have been able to period, it is a total invasion of our privacy that we all have a right to. We are not innocent till proven guilty, or at least I thought we weren't, it's hard to tell in this country anymore. But no way should the government have the authority or more to the point any further authority to spy on Americans to prevent anything. It is not right, no matter what the supposed ends are.

  • Right To Privacy is Paramount

    Americans have a right to privacy above all. Another writer on this issue has it right--giving up liberty for security means we deserve neither. Spying on Americans has never been cool. There must never be a "big brother" society in which every movement is monitored. Spying is a violation of civil rights, plain and simple.

  • Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.

    It is unrealistic to think that this type of invasive action will prevent attacks. It only results in the government clamping down harder on our personal liberties. If we give the government too much power, then it is only a matter of time until they abuse that power. The citizens of this country must hold on to the freedoms we have left. Maybe if we weren't bombing innocent civilians in other countries then we wouldn't have a threat of terrorist attack. You know what a terrorist attack is? It's that that thing where a foreign country flies into your country and bombs your civilians.

    Posted by: SoggyDudley
  • The government should not have the authority to spy on Americans; attacks can be prevented with other methods that do not invade privacy.

    The prevention of attacks can be prevented by decreasing the amount of outlets that someone could possibly use to attack. This does not have to include spying on an innocent American citizen who has a right not to be spied on. The United States is made up of citizens, not a government.

    Posted by: EmbarrassedMilton
  • No just NO!

    We Americans need our own privacy! There are many other ways to prevent attacks. There is no need to spy on us! What if we are naked in the shower and you turn on the camera what happens then! HUH... SO i am totally against this spying thing!!!! NO! Can i get an AMEN?

  • Its not fair. The government wants us to listen to them while they don't even give us privacy.

    First of all, in our lives, privacy is one of the most prioritised thing on our daily life. Without privacy, anything we give information to, from ATM’s to personal computers, from personal phones to literally anything at your fingertips; could have been possibly wiretapped or a snooping device. This is ethically wrong because the U.S. has promised that every citizen of the U.S. has their own privacy, while foreigners don’t have that right. Meanwhile, the U.S. is not protecting the citizens privacy because they are snooping on them. The U.S. government is expecting people to follow their rules, even when the government doesn’t give them the promised privacy. Edward Snowden saw this, and sensing that something wasn’t right, he downloaded a lot of files, the exact number is still a mystery, and then he leaked some of the most important ones to the world. Currently, people all over the world are thanking “Ed” Snowden because of his actions. What about the others? Thats mostly the U.S. government, thinking that spying on people is actually right; which is wrong. Why is U.S. spying on us like this? They probably just want to know if we are actually supporting the U.S. governmen

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