In order to receive tax exemption, i Think it should be mandatory that religious facilities provide shelter for the homeless.. Do you agree?

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • This includes mosques, cathedrals, churches and synagogues

    Religious facilities enjoy the privilege of being exempt from property taxes. I think there should be new requirements to receive this privilege, since such facilities can occupy several acres, as well as the fact that many real estate scams and loopholes are used to leave one exempt from such taxes. I think such facilities have the obligation to house the homeless since they receive such generous tax exemptions , especially in hot real estate markets.. Facilities such as st Mary in san francisco, have the resources as well as the capital to shelter the homeless when it is not in use. I think such facilities have the obligation especially when they own such lucrative properties... Here is an example of a scam:


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  • Non profits are non profit

    Nothing says they have to be a charity. While some megachurches make a profit most collect enough to the building going and a small pastors salary. Hating religion is no reason to treat churches different than any other not for profit organization. And why is only ever churches and not every religious organization out there.

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