In our modern world, can religion adapt to leave no room for justifying evil acts in the name of god?

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  • I wanted to say yes at first

    But i cant because we arent perfect therefore are religions arent going to be perfect as they arent written by god. So some evil is going to be justified by any religion we make even if its petty evils. The funny thing about religion is that most people believe one and only one of them is from god while none of them stand out amongst the others. If a perfect all knowing god wrote a religion and men wrote the rest that one written by god would stand out like sore thumb. And none of them stand out and all of them have sanctioned great evils. They are adapting though and becoming far less evil. Well the religions havent become less evil but the followers of the religions have somehow. So much so that their moralities contradict most of the morality found in these religious texts.

  • Religion by it's very nature can only result in evil.

    Religion (as opposed to the belief in a supernatural being) is essentially at the root of evil. IT was developed as a method of control and continues to this day to be the justification for the majority of purely evil events in most societies.
    Religion can be directly traced to most conflicts around the world, and is responsible for the majority of mass killings in history.
    The evil things people do in the name of god make devil worshippers look like saints.

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