• yes they are

    Yes, I do think that these laws are still needed here today, and that they still play a large part in how the country runs and how that we are all today treating other people. i think that we need to make sure that they stay around for a long time.

  • There is still hate.

    Yes, anti-semitism laws are still necessary in our politically correct age, because hatred towards the Jews never seems to die. It is a bit bizarre that we live in modern times with all of the knowledge we have and that there is no evidence for racism, and yet, anti-semitic comments still spring up everyone once in a while. We need to keep our eyes on it.

  • Anti-semitism laws are still necessary.

    It is necessary to have anti-semitism laws in place because unfortunately, people are still prome to anti-semitic behaviors even in this day and age. We need to protect groups from this type of discrimination. Just as there are laws in place to protect people from discrimination based on age or gender or race, there also must be laws in place to protect people who may be dicriminated against based on religion.

  • You got it wrong

    Politically correct it is to criticize Israel and hate the Jews. In the OLD days you couldn't criticize Israel. You couldn't criticize British (Scots-Irish) and Danish colonialism. You couldn't criticize the KKK. I think you need to check your wording. It's politically incorrect to side with Israel these days. Not stating an opinion just an incorrectness.

  • No, Anti-semitism, like all kinds of prejudice

    There are already enough anti hate laws. Enacting more of them and
    passing legislation is not going to help anything. People are
    progressing on their own, and this sort of hate will one day be a thing
    of the past. We just need to let time heal all wounds, as the saying

  • No, I believe we have moved away from anti-semitism.

    I don't think anti-Semitism laws are necessary. I think we are long past the days when Jewish people were made fun of and treated cruelly. I believe society has moved on. It's common now to see mixed families where one parent is Jewish and the other parent is not. I think society is trying to be more sensible and mature.

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