In our Relationship Status, should there be an option that says, "I have a fridge"?

Asked by: AngelofDeath
  • Finally someone else gets it

    Why of course absotively! How else are you gonna know? Gosh how did we ever procreate and marry without this option before social networking?!? Egads! And don't even get me started on the toaster situation! Pushing the boundaries of bigamy and incest at this point. Really, man. Just f***ing really.

  • Well it is an option

    I do have a fridge and it is my and my girlfriend's relationship a a a aa a a aaaaaaa a aa a a a aa a a a aa aa aa a aa aa a a a a aaa aa a a a a a a a aa a

  • Why not right?

    I think it's a great idea. My fridge and I have gone through some pretty good times. I stored my food and drinks in it and it always had exactly what I wanted. It would pleasure me just seeing that beautiful hunk of machinery. I would sometimes stroke it gently. As it unload things into my arms.

  • Fridges and Microwaves Prevent Death

    My answer is definitely yes!
    I am very close to my fridge and I love it with all of my heart I could never live without it oh and let's not forget about my microwave either, My microwave is another essential thing in my life I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for my microwave. I would like to thank my whole kitchen that I'd got through the past couple of months it has been tough and it is not over yet but at least I've got my microwave and my lovely fridge.

  • Having a Fridge is a Happy Relation.

    Well some people like to eat. Food is my life and love. Whenever I see food my heart starts to thump faster. Food makes people feel better, and it is something to spend Valentines day on for those who are single.
    For those that would think this is silly and stupid, they're just jealous because you're awesome and you don't need someone else to be happy, all you need is food, unlike them.
    Having a relationship with your fridge is like having the best relationship someone could ever have, because you don't really experience heart break, or find the fridge cheating on you (unless your family or someone is flirting (stealing food) from it), and it will always be in a healthy relationship with you. :)

  • Yes Food Rules.

    Yes, because food is life and it will make people feel better about being single. It also would give people more options and it may help people find a loved one because they share the love for food. I think "I have a fridge" should be a relationship status option.

  • That is just silly

    Why the he// would we put "I have a fridge on your relationship status? It's just like saying. "Hey, I am single and I don't really want to admit it so I'll just put in a answer that makes me look embarrassed to admit I am single and iam bannana" Put that in an answer for a relationship status and you'll probably get a lot of people.

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