In reference to the recent horrific Range Rover-Biker incident, did Alexian Lien have the right to defend himself?

  • The right to defend.

    Seeing as how he was beaten up by the bikers, and the bikers had started it all, he had the right to defend himself. Not only was he in danger, but his wife and kid were also in danger. In a situation like this if he hadn't defended himself he could of been killed or seriously injured along with his wife and kid.

  • Anyone would do the same

    You just got brake checked, your vehicle swarmed by hostile bikers, your tire slashed and your window violently smashed. Anyone who doesn't recognize that your life is in danger is a fool, and anyone who says they wouldn't try to escape by any means possible is a liar. The law is with the driver, and only the bikers involved will serve prison time. The vast majority agree that is justice.

  • Alexian Lien stopped the car after the incident for a moment.

    As seen at the end of the video, in amount of time he was stopped, he and his family could have easily been torn out of the car and gotten hurt. Alexian only had mere seconds to react, and if he hesitated too long, he could possibly be burying his wife and child today. Saying that he should have waited calmly is basically asking a father to gamble on his own family's life.

  • Productive Tax-Paying Citizen vs Gang of Hooligans

    Lien has a real job, a stable family situation, and the wealth to show for his productivity.

    His attackers have tattoos, disruptive motorbikes, criminal records, and "swag". They probably never use condoms or hold down a real job longer than a month. Their behavior on this video says it all.

  • Just look around

    Yeah...He had his wife and infant child with him in the vehicle, so he had the right to do whatever it took to defend them. The fact that the bikers tried to pull him out of the SUV earlier, coupled with the tires getting slashed and Mr. Lien getting beat up tells me he made the correct decision!

  • Protect your family. There are no other choices.

    When bees swarm and attack, most people's instinct is to run. When this man's family was swarmed and attacked, he protected his family the best he could. He focused the thugs' criminal intent on himself rather than allow his wife and young child to be injured by collateral damage. Hooray to him for standing up for the rest of us.

  • To the naysayers

    I have read multiple comments where you 3% think Lien should have 1) Apologized to Cruz or 2) There was no threat. I counter that with, Cruz was the individual that "break checked", causing the initial contact. Cruz was not hurt, his motorcycle did not sustain any damage. If anyone should have apologized, it should have been Cruz for having instigated the actions. The second theory that he was not under threat, I have viewed the video a multitude of times, along with a zoomed in video that better shows what was going on seconds before Lien decided to flee in his vehicle. Had you naysayers had viewed it as well, you would have seen one biker whom began to punch and hit Lien's window and driver side mirror. At one point you see the same individual trying to open Lien's car. You see 1-2 bikers that have dismounted and are approaching Lien's vehicle from behind. You can also see movement on the right side of the vehicle, however, it is unclear what is going on at this point. From there Lien decides to flee. If he was out to intentionally hurt and maim the bikers, trust me, he would/could have hurt A LOT more when he did. He hit 3, that were directly in front of his path to flee. Had he been the sociopath, that you naysayers think, he would have been weaving and hitting more then the 3 that were directly in front. Sorry, but if I am surrounded by that, and I had my 8 year old son in the car, I would do anything and everything in my power to protect his life. I wouldn't wish to initially hurt another human being, but he is my priority.

  • I would do the same

    Mr.Lien did stop at the first incident when Cruz break checked him, however the bikers swarmed and surround him, bikers did not just ask for information, they are slashing tires and breaking side mirrors, I would do the same if I have wife and daughter on the car. If Mr. Lien really done something wrong, the bikers should at least call 911 saying there is a SUV driving recklessly and throwing water bottle out, and endanger bikers, all the call that day are made saying bikers are reckless, not following the laws (200+ calls, and 4 calls from Liens family.) So far I have not heard any information saying the bikers called the police, they are just thugs thinking they rule the road and can do whatever they want.
    NYPD definitely have huge responsibility of this incident. Now 9 people arrested and there are so many coward biker still hiding. When they are in group they act so tough, afterward they are to coward to step out. Shame on them

  • Of course he did!

    It is a no brainier choice for anyone with basic instinct. Imagine you and your family's lives are severely threatened, will you pretend nothing has happened or will you stand up to defend the lives of your loved ones? Stand up for Lien, because if we don't, nobody will stand for us.

  • I would have done the same

    Lein had the right to protect himself from a roving band of savages. He originally stopped after the biker brake checked him, but when his tires were slashed and the other bikers tried to break his window, it was time to get out of there. This group was menacing him and his family and its a damn shame he didn't run over more of them.

  • He didn't need to defend himself.

    Alexian Lien (Range Rover Driver), would not have needed to 'defend himself' if he got out of the car, apologised to Cruz for clipping his wheel and safely set off on his journey again. Instead of doing this, he decided to drive over/through a crowd of motorcyclists and their motorcycles.
    There is no reason for him to feel unsafe up to that point, he was involved in an accident which wasn't entirely his fault and it happened to be with a member of the group of motorcyclists which then 'surrounded' them. I fail to see how this could cause him to feel unsafe, are motorcyclists uncontrolable psychopaths? No not any more than car drivers or truck drivers are. Why does being surrounded by them give you the right to drive your Range Rover through them, paralyzing one person?
    There is no reason.

  • A complete investigation should be done- It seems people are assuming (68%) he had the right.

    I ride a motorcycle and I know how frustrating it is when people drive aggressively around you. I would like to better understand what happened prior to him running over the motorcycles. Unless they pulled a gun on him or had their hands on him and were physically beating him and his family I find it hard to believe he is justified in running people over. Further, I would like to know at what point he or his wife called the police? Was there any reports earlier in that day that the bikers where randomly pulling people over and beating them? I'm extremely skeptical that the driver did absolutely nothing to provoke the drivers and I'm very skeptical that his life was really in danger to a point where potentially killing several unarmed bikers was justified. I need to know more before I could say he was justified. Lastly, if your friend or family (brother-sister-child-parent) member was run down by someone in a range rover would you not be inclined to follow that person and take action if you had the opportunity? At this point, everyone's opinion should be that we need all of the details of the entire event.

  • Does intimidation warrant assault with a deadly weapon?

    At one point yes, Alexian should have the right to defend himself. Does damaging some ones vehicle and intimidating them warrant assault with a deadly weapon? The video posted doesn't show the bikers doing anything I would deem life threatening until he is pulled from the vehicle. Its a shame one man ended up paralyzed because another man was upset bikers were stunting.

  • Lien_is_ a wimpy_terrified_mouse.

    Alexian Lien was not in fear for his life. He was afraid of being verbally assaulted and humiliated in front of his wife and kid for his idiotic driving. He didn't want to be further inconvenienced and exposed as a wimp so he drove off and ran over someone in the process. He thought he was a tough guy through water bottles out, clipping motorcylces and trying to stop there stuntride. His life was not in danger. Just because you are afraid of someone or they embarrass you doesn't mean you can kill them in self defense. The bikers didn't threaten or try to hurt him at all. Stopping someone to tell them they a jerk is not threatening their life.

  • Defend Himself From What Actually?

    In the beginning of the video there isnt any indication he needed to defend himself. He needed to defend himself at the end of the video once he was surrounded, but isnt that after he ran someone over? I am confused at why Alexian Lien is getting so much support when it clearly shows in the video he caused the situation to escalate. By everyone elses logic I can step on someones shoe and instead of apologizing, I rather push them out of the way causing them to fall and sustain head injuries. All I would have to say is that the person and his friends stopped and looked at me, so I felt threatened. Not very logical at all.

  • Defending himself or his $100,000 SUV?

    At least one witness has already come forward stating that the SUV aggressively entered the highway while other drivers were letting the motorcyclists pass by. The witness also stated that he continued to drive in the midst of the motorcyclists despite their efforts to slow him down. For someone concerned about his family (at least that's what his lawyers told him to say) he sure is putting them at risk of an altercation with one or more motorcyclists with his actions. Then he decides he is is entitled to use deadly force and run over someone with his back to him that was walking away because he is "frightened" that will seriously injure or kill him and his family. Maybe he's seen too many zombie movies. If 2 or 3 of the motorcyclists did not attack the SUV driver and his vehicle on 178th street he probably would have charged with attempted murder by now for running over someone with his back to him.

  • Alexian Is A Criminal

    Alexian panicked AFTER getting in a traffic accident... He committed a hit and run plus attempted murder... While doing so he slashed his tires by running over multiple bikes then proceeded into a high speed chase... Where was he going? It seems he was heading home and not to a police station... And if he was scared, why not drive towards the toll booth where cops are always present?... The news wouldnt even state the events in chronological order, where they make it seem that his vehicle got damaged first and he was attacked first, but in the video all those things happened AFTER he ran over someone.... I dont care if he got scared because of the amount of people who stopped to see what happened initially... Its an accident on a highway, what do you expect?... Then to make it seem they were bloodthirsty is another myth. If a senior citizen claims HE stopped the so called mob by staring them down and extending his arms... How bloodthirsty were they then?.... Seems not much and they just wanted to teach him a lesson for nearly killing someone.... The Lien family didnt even issue a statement until they found out they got videotaped and that statement was most likely drafted by their lawyers... To claim you were scared for your family is a man making an excuse for his reckless actions... If that was a police officer he nearly killed... And they chased the suspect down and beat him till the cops showed up, they would be hailed as heroes... But due to the spin of the media and the prejudice of the public, the victim is considered the aggressor... Smh... If you feel he was defending himself... Then what should Jay have done to defend himself? Or does the public feel he doesnt have the right even though he was attacked by Lien and his vehicle? Multiple cops were present and I have a feeling the truth will now have to come out without all the spin attached...

  • Lack of Evidence

    There is no evidence that supports Lien's claim. The video shows one person waving his arms at the side of the vehicle for a few seconds, and then everyone begins to walk back to their bikes. That's when Lien drives over the bikers. There is no clear danger that supports his story. As for the tires being slashed at the stop... It is a pain to do anything that requires fine motor skills in protective equipment. I struggle to get my keys out of my pocket once my gloves are on. So I find it hard to believe that in that small amount of time someone was able to get to a knife and slash tires. It is much more likely the tire was punctured going over the bikes.

  • An apology would have suffice

    By taking the law into his own hands, Alexian may have placed his own family in danger. Unfortunately, no one could have predicted what Alexian would have done when in control of an SUV. (Imagine a shopper with a trolley gone berserk, you get the idea). There were many choices made, and it seemed like each decision escalated and prompted a further bad decision.

    Lose your dignity (or face for Asian) for a day, and live to tell your story for another day. An eye for an eye. First, after bumping into a biker he should have apologised and maybe suffered some minor scratches to his SUV in retaliation. Second, after running over and maiming several bikers, did he expect to get away scot-free? Mind you, the bikers were just looking at him and not out to get him before he decided to take the law into his own hands. Most of the bikers have families too.
    The media whore should be ashamed for portraying the Columbia-university graduate as an "angel", and the bikers as "devils". I think it takes both hands to clap. Alex did not do either of the choices expected of an educated person: (a) stop the SUV (your car is capable of dealing more damage to the bikers than the bikers could do your SUV); (b) call for help (and lock the car doors).

    To the media whore, Alexian is no "angel" just because he graduated from an ivy league university. Stop portraying these people as such, which is why the country is in such a big mess now.

  • Alexian Lien escalated the whole situation

    When he plowed the Range Rover through all those bikes and ran that guy over. I'm sure it was an uncomfortable situation for him being surrounded by all those bikes but every single one of Lien's decisions only made things worse so I feel like he should be held partly accountable. He should not have done what he did and as far as I'm concerned he deserved the beating and the minor injuries he sustained from said beating.

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GWL-CPA says2014-03-12T19:43:50.287
Another silly post.

This is already in the courts; and Alexian Lien was not charged with any crime.

Do you people understand how the laws in America work?

The bikers were totally at fault.