In relationships, the empowered woman poses as much threat to society as the subservient woman.

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  • Women ought not to be subservient, but them not being so has caused much disruption in the relationship.

    There is no rule book for 'good' relationships. There is no definition that is universally accepted, for instance: what is 'good'? Productive? Happy? Productive for society? Good for raising children? What kind of children are 'good'?

    In our ignorance, it's useful to look at our past. Man has always been the leader in the household: having one leader makes operations smooth and encourages stable functioning. Of course it can make it a living hell if the leader is incompetent or cruel, but none the less it is stable.

    Now that women are expected to be equal to men (which they are by the way!) households have two leaders. Having two leaders causes strife and confrontation. There has been a drastic increase in divorce rates and broken households alongside increasing women's rights.

    Strife in relationships and confrontation, though morally more acceptable than subjugation, does perhaps not produce as many stable and productive households. And households are the foundation of society.

    The true effects of the equality of women has not yet been seen and nobody truly knows the 'side effects', I am suggesting that problems may arise in the relationship.

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