In retrospect, was the invention of the atomic bomb good (yes) or bad (no) for humanity?

  • Yes, because of 3 words: mutually assured annihilation

    Just think about how many wars haven't broken out killing more people because you know that if you start it both of you will lose and not just in the sense of a military loss, but every single citizen on either side. It is why the Cold War was fought by proxy and not direct, it is why there has been no true direct conflict in the Middle East (since nuclear weapons were "possibly acquired" by a particular nation), and why India and Pakistan stopped their fighting. Even in the one instance of their use as a weapon, they were used to stop a bloody land invasion by U.S forces into mainland Japan which would've likely resulted in heavy losses which were prevented through their use. If you add all of the possible conflicts that were prevented because of nuclear weapons and subtract all of those who've died because of them it would still be a very big and very positive number.

  • The War Wouldnt Of Ended

    If the US didnt drop the two atomic bombs on Japan. They wouldnt of given up as "easily" or at all. The Allies might of lost the war. This would of resulted in Japan invading America. Yes the atomic bomb killed many innocent people but it also protected many others

  • Yes it was right

    This is right because we saved many Americans lives it helped save so many people. It helped speed up the war and it was the right thing to do. Ye sit did cause destruction and it may have killed many people. But then it was kill or be killed think what would you do in this situation, Would you sacrifice your whole country or another country.

  • Yes, here's why

    If the bomb never happened than the war would've continued, but since it happened it caused the war to stop against Japen and America. It made less people not die as much as other wars, less people died when the bomb went off. The bomb honestly helped in a good way.

  • Japanese Deserved it at This Point

    The Japanese were easily the most cruel force to fight in WWII, they had no respect for human life, and would have fought until they had nothing left if US had of just went in and invaded them. With the atomic bomb, it finally instilled enough fear into the otherwise fearless Japanese to make them surrender.

  • Yes because it saved more lives and did more

    The Japanese had a never give up/surrender take on things, because of the pride in their country an invasion would have killed more people on both sides. Still to this day the U.S. government still gives out purple hearts that were made before the invasion that's how many people they thought would get hurt on the U.S. side. And for the casualty rates, it would have doubled for the U.S. casualty. The Japanese death rate also would have been a lot more if there was an invasion, due to being killed in crossfire and suicide. Even Japanese soldiers would give Japanese citizens for not killing themselves. Negotiations of which the table because the U.S. had tried several times to try and work out a deal with Japan, but nothing worked the Japanese people have extreme pride in their country. Ending the war with the Atomic bomb was quicker, and it meant that Countries like Korea and China would no longer have to face the brutality of Japanese occupation. The more and more this war went on the more and more people were going to die all across Asia. Fire Bombs killed more and caused more destruction.

  • It was very god

    It helped stop ww2 and help us same more lives then losing lives in the way that using them Japan lost 140,000 people and we lost none if we didn't use them we would have lost 2 times as many people up to around 280,000 troops in the fighting and we lost more people in the bombing of pearl harbor

  • Yes. Might be moraly wrong but saved countless lives.

    The use of the atomic bomb might have destroyed two cities and killed many people, but the bomb made Japan surrender, saving more soldiers on both sides from fighting. Also the bomb saved many American soldiers by dropping bomb instead of using another more deadly landing like D-Day which the survival rate was roughly 1-2 would live. Why wouls America do another D-Day killing so many soldeirs instead of droppiing a bomb that will most likely end the Pacific War. Thank you.

  • Ask yourself. 140,000 or 1,400,000?

    That's the difference between dropping the bombs on Japan, and invading them. Japanese' mentality was to stop at nothing. They would have kept fighting this war until they didn't have anyone left to fight. They took roughly 400,000 Chinese men, women, and children, and would rape them, and kill them in multiple atrocious ways. They would burn them alive, bury them alive and even kill them with dogs. Think of it this way. Is it wrong to shoot a rabid dog? Especially if they are attacking the innocent. No, it's not. Japan was like a rapid dog, and they had to be stopped. Dropping the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima was the fastest, and best way to end them without killing millions of people on both sides. Another reason: To every action, there is a reaction. They bombed Pearl Harbor with no warning, killing over 2,000 american soldiers. We retaliated. They asked for it. They should have seen it coming at one point or another. We had two choices: 1. Drop the bomb killing a few thousand Japanese, or not dropping the bomb, letting the war linger for many more years, killing millions and millions of more people. It's not war mentality to think of preserving the lives of innocent people when the safety of the world is at stake. We had to drop the bombs, it was justified.

  • TERRIBLE Idea Too much Death

    Atomic bombs were the worst thing that has ever happened to the world. They should never have been invented. There are so many being made now that if there is another world war, It could very well destroy the world. It stopped the war but in doing so, Destroyed bonds with the Japanese that may never be fixed. How many more people would die? Ask yourself this.

  • It is bad

    Atomic bombs cause so much destruction and death. They kill so many people and leave a city unsafe for years. Now that atomic bombs are a real thing, In the case of another war, More people will be annihilated and the population of the world could drop. Atomic bombs stopped the war, But they also killed innocent kids

  • The state ofhumanity

    Because we aren't considerd murders for killing all those harmless citizens but when they start a war they will have to live with the concquence however, We just say it was for the sake of humanity i mean c'mon guys ur all phychotic if you think i will belive that bull***t

  • No because. We ruined everyone's life.

    Hiroshima's population was almost gone. Almost all of them got different cancers. At the same time! We killed thousands of innocent people. It destroyed humanity. We killed wild life. The radiation killed A LOT! Even though it was good for World War two, we made Japan hate us. We ruined Hiroshima, forever.

  • No, the Japanese are human too.

    It doesn't matter that the bomb was dropped on Japan; it still caused mass destruction for humans. Hundreds of thousands of people died from the explosion and several thousand more from fallout and genetic mutations. Many argue that 200,000 Japanese deaths are better than 200,000 American deaths, but I do not think that matters at all because they still died.

  • It is SO DANGEROUS!!!!

    The long term affects of atomic bombs are horrible. Just look at people in Hiroshima. People's children are born deformed all the time because of the radiation that was left in their ancestors and it has genetically modified their genes. The radiation also causes various types of cancer. Let's not make the same mistake again!

  • Too powerful in the wrong hands

    The atomic bomb is the only weapon on Earth with the potential to annihilate the entire human race.
    In the wrong hands, this will be catastrophic.
    Think about it. What if one day, Kim Jong-un decides to whip about a nuclear missile and blow up half of the United States?
    What will we be able to do about it? Nothing. Absolutely ll we'll do is start a war, which will inevitably lead to prolonged period of advanced nuclear warfare destroy life as we know it.
    I mean seriously, think about how easily it will be. Most countries have nukes anyways. Some people even think ISIS is trying to get their hands on nuclear weaponry...

  • Who is right?

    Always hinesite and retrospect rather than wisdom in the first place.
    Nothing is retrospective, it still exists,
    All the info and hardware should have been eradicated then we could see in retrospect, however its still a real threat to many and an insult to people who really fight for justice for all because of its arrogant stance of total anhialation of anyone or and community or race deemed as a threat.
    Which is nothing less than genocide.
    And still it dosnt stop, still people have to live in fear of such power and control, driven by hate and revenge, in the name of justice and who arnt authautlrity, because authaurity needs wisdom and knowledge.

  • The Atomic Bomb creators would have been executed by my cabinet.

    If I was President and found American's had developed such an evil weapon which is designed to kill massive amounts of innocent people, I would have had them executed. America is fascinated with being #1, the Bully, the King - well you sure are. Now that you are, you certainly can't stop fighting, killing more people than you ever have. When you can't beat them one-on-one - kill them all I guess.

  • It was Horrible

    The atomic bomb was horrible for human kind and the environment. It shouldn't exist at all. Its something that Einstein suggested and even he regretted suggesting it. The Americans could have found some other way to end the war instead of murdering hundreds of innocent people. Okay I get that they were fighting the Japanese, but that doesn't give them the authority to murder civilians that are totally innocent.

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