In Rocky Hearing, Rex Tillerson Tries to Separate From Trump: Is this the right move?

  • Yes, but not going to work for him

    I think it's very important for these cabinet nominees to distance themselves from Trump, especially at this point. Trump's favorability keeps dropping, and even his own party is growing weary. However, in Tillerson's case, it doesn't matter. He has enough of his own problems with his nomination, with members of both parties uneasy with him.

  • Yes, it it is right for Rex Tillerson to try to separate from Donald Trump.

    Yes, it it is right for Rex Tillerson to try to separate from Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a loose cannon who has already reduced America's standing in the world by tweeting about starting a nuclear arms race and speaking to the president of Taiwan in violation of the One China policy.

  • Yes, Trump is bad news.

    Yes, Tillerson is wise to try to separate himself from Trump. So many people disagree with the way Trump wants to run our country. We worry that he's going to run our nation to the ground and ruin so much for so many. I imagine Tillerson is aware of this and wants to distance himself from Trump.

  • Yes, this was the right move

    Trump's nomination picks are smart to separate themselves from some of the president-elect's comments. Rex Tillerson has tried to distinguish his views on Russia from those of Trump. This is a smart move so that Tillerson's nomination might have a better chance of being approved by the Senate. Some Republicans have expressed concern over Trump's nominees, so they will need all the support they can get.

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