In schools, should popularity be based on intelligence rather than athleticism?

  • Athleticism is overrated compared to intelligence.

    No doubt, athleticism and intelligence are both very important, and should not be found as a source of popularity. However, most schools have groups where the athletic kids are praised, while the intelligent are found in small groups and are considered to be interesting, but not cool. I would know; I am a student. It always seems like intelligence is left in the dust, and ironically it's the intelligent that notice this happening. Not that I'm saying I'm intelligent; but all in all, I believe that intelligence is not praised enough when it comes to popularity in schools.

  • Popularity is Overrated

    I believe popularity is overrated, but I do believe popularity should be based on intelligence. Many people at my school who are 'popular' are not smart, and they pick on people and make fun of people for being smart and being a nerd. But really the winner here is the smarter people. Popularity is something you shouldn't get caught up on but if popularity has to exist smart people should be at the top.

  • A Hierarchy Always Exist

    As a someone who strives for excellence in academics I can assure you the students who score who on test are never the first with girlfriend ngnrfsbfbhfdvbwfonbedp jdivh heir usifhis fhw8fh r whiff bwehw w fwhweshf fj f f f f f f f f f f f f f

  • Reality over morality

    So, in a perfect world, the everyone is equal, there is no social structure and everyone is happy sadly that isn't possible. In the 21 century we live in the era that "brains over gains", but that needs to be changed. So the sad reality is that this will never change.

  • But it Won't Be

    School should be the perfect place for great minds to prosper. But ironically, public schools are heaven for morons and hell for anybody who has an above average IQ.

    But sadly, that will never change. As long as public school exists, there will be people who take it as their years to just drink and get laid, and there will be the people who actually try to get something done.

  • You are a nerd, get over it

    My IQ is higher than that of 96% of the population of the U.S. I could also run faster than any non-jock in my school. Yet I was not popular.
    The thing is, if someone was really intelligent, he could learn how to make friends.
    What I have a problem with here is popularity and intelligence are very subjective.
    People are not required to like you. This is an emotional reaction someone feels.
    While intelligence is not praised enough. You can use intelligence to get good scores on tests and higher grades on your report card, and get some praise that way.
    So, if I were in charge of your high school, I would have a program to encourage the boys to work harder.
    I base this on the arrainged marriage custom they have in some other countries. Parents choose sex partners for their children. The girls are not allowed to choose any boy they want. They have something like the draft system in the NFL ,the guy who has the highest average of test scores gets the 1st draft pick and chooses the girl he wants to date. The parents co-operate with this so if the hottest chick in the school refuses to date the brainiac, she will not be allowed out at night, but after that the 2nd highest test scorer can choose her.
    Look she is not required to put out or make out with the guy who chose her, but she won't get to date the sexy jock with the cool car and go to the drive in movie with him, either.
    Both condoms and viagra will be given out at the nurses office.

  • I Am Smart Enough

    Look, my IQ is higher than 97% of all the people on the world, so I know what I'm talking about. I am also way more fit than all of you and way more popular than all of you basement dwellers. Is that the scent of body odour I smell? Must be coming from your disgusting cubicle where you sit 10 hours a day on the computer. Back in the day kids used to be creative, now they just rot their brains on the computer. I am smarter and more athletic than you, so I can safely say that athleticism should make you more popular in school.

  • Popularity is based on neither

    Popularity is not based on intelligence or athleticism. Popularity is more based on social qualities such as confidence and extroversion. While, yes, there is the stereotype that football players and jocks are most popular, they are almost always perceived with having better social skills than their peers as well.

    Popularity in schools is silly to debate. Naturally, those with the better social skills (not speaking skills, or English skills, per se) are more popular, and I have no problem with this. Intelligence and high grades should be rewarded in schools but not through popularity contests.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-02-14T18:53:06.033
I would say that the main factor in popularity at schools is neither athleticism nor intelligence but rather social skills.