In society, have 'Good Samaritans' declined (i.e. car trouble, bullying, victims of crime)?

  • Unfortunately there seems to be a trend!

    You can watch Hours of video on Live Leak, YouTube and Media sites showing people video a person getting beat up or in trouble and they do nothing but video the account instead of stepping in to help! A majority of people have become idol in the assistance of others in need. We have become a society that has not empathy for victims. If you pick up your camera to shoot a violent attack or misfortune of another Human being and not step in to help you should be held just as liable as the Attacker. If people took on the idea that "what if that were me" what would you want others to do! If you see an injustice happening take the extra time to step in and help. It is Ludicrous to see someone use their phone to catch a guy on 'world star' get mauled by attackers and do nothing but laugh and joke about an individuals life be threatened. Just remember what goes around comes around in this world. Be proactive and be a Good Samaritan to someone!

  • Just 1 end

    What goes around comes around. That's just childish. A person that tortures, kills and eats little kids. (Ends up / goes to the same place/ state) as the kids he kills and eats) sounds horrible hey? Let's say he kills 22 kids, and is never caught and no one ever knows. Let's say he liked it. Not 1 single thing will change. Nor will there be anyway of knowing if anything changes. If what goes around or comes around. Them kids must have been real bad. I was threatened with a lump of concrete because I heard a girl screaming. I ran straight over, it was a boyfriend and girlfriend fighting. It was a little scary. I will no questions help any 1 in need at my cost. But that's it.

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