In Software Asset Management should there be Cloud?

  • Flexibility: In the office and in the field.

    Tying your workforce to their desk or cubicle can increase reduce the ability and dedication of the work force. Giving employees the ability to work from home, during transit or outside of the office in the field would increase the productivity of the staff and improve results overall. Having Cloud access provides access for the employee in all these situations.

  • A Cloud is recommened, If not essential, in software asset management

    Software asset management companies would improve their capabilities by utilizing a Cloud. Clouds increase the efficiency and connectedness of business by organizing and sharing data more quickly. A data oriented industry, such as software asset management, would find it incredibly beneficial to subscribe to Cloud software. Ultimately, cloud computing consolidates data and systems, and in asset management this would increase ease of access and speed.

  • Yes There Should

    I believe Cloud storage should be considered in Software Asset Management as long as the files can be assessed quickly enough when they are needed. Some systems may need documents and files to be on a local server for them to access quickly enough, but it would save a lot of money to use Cloud, when possible.

  • The cloud helps Software Asset Management meet its goals.

    The goal of any Software Asset Management corporation or department is to ensure that not only that their products comply with any terms and conditions of a software, but also that it runs the most efficiently for its users. In this the cloud will help by being able to get the products to more users, and to lower costs while keeping up efficiency.

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