In some cases juveniles should be tried as adults: Are adult trials going to improve rehabilitation?

  • Yes, how will the currency of crimes go down?

    Why should a younger person be tried any differently than an older person if they both commit the same crime? I'm doing a project on this in school, and some people don't understand that when you're locked up, you cant commit anymore crimes. Some people are saying, "by putting them in jail(because they were tried as an adult) will just make it worse." but how is that going to make it worse? When you put someone in jail, you're preventing them from the outside world, therefore they cant got out, therefore the cant hurt anything or anyone. Also, some juvenile criminals may take being tried as a child to their advantage. If you're going to kill someone, wouldn't you want to di it when you're a juvenile so you will get around 16 years instead of an adult that will get a life sentence? Why is that any different? They are both committing the same crime. Not only is that unreasonable, but its unfair. A criminal is a criminal not mater what the age.

  • Yes, depending on the case they should be tried as adults.

    I believe that in some cases juveniles should be tried as adults . My reason for this is why should a younger person be tried any different than an adult if they both committed the same crime , and since the juvenile has been convicted of a serious crime they need a more serious punishment. Trying a juvenile as an adult may also improve the rehabilitation of that juvenile .

  • Yes, they will learn.

    Yes, adult trials will improve rehabilitation for juveniles, because they will learn from the nerves of having to go through an adult trial. A criminal trail should be a nervous experience for someone who is truly guilty. Adult trials will impress upon these defendants that their actions are serious and will carry strong consequences.

  • Juveniles on a criminal path need to see the errors of their ways.

    Once he or she has got to the point that they are committing adult crimes, it is almost impossible for a juvenile offender to see the gravity of their deeds in a juvenile court. The much more impersonal and serious nature of an adult trial may not cure many of them but it is bound to put more of them on the path of rehabilitation than a soft juvenile court with a counselor holding their hand.

  • Yes, some cases need t be tried as adults

    In some cases juveniles do need to be tried as adults because they are going to need additional rehabilitation that could be offered as an adult. For example depending on the severity of the crime I don't think itll be fair to have a juvenile that stole candy from the store next to a juvenile that had commited a bigger crime in the same place.

  • In no cases do adult trials improve rehabilitation for juvenile criminals.

    In no cases do adult trials improve rehabilitation for juvenile criminals.The adult system does nothing more than make them hard and teach them how to be better criminals.They also place little focus on activities like education which could actually vastly improve their chances for success when they get in the real world.

  • No. i do not believe that trialling juveniles as adults will improve rehabilitation.

    No. i do not believe that trialling juveniles as adults will improve rehabilitation, because trialling juveniles as adults only serves to give the child a tougher sentence. It doesn't offer any programs, our support groups to help the child with their issues. Adult trials only cement a legacy for that child as a criminal.

  • Adult Trials Won't Improve Rehabilitation

    Unfortunately, trying children as adults and adult trials won't improve rehabilitation in any way. Our prison system is big on punishment and doesn't exactly rehabilitate inmates. The system needs to be changed so that we're actually rehabilitating these individuals back into society as functioning human beings. Otherwise, things are only going to get worse.

  • No they won't.

    I do not believe that trying a juvenile as an adult will improve rehabilitation. It is a fact that programs for juvenile offenders are much better at rehabilitating a criminal. Adult rehabilitation consists of throwing the person in jail and humiliating them everyday. They usually make the criminal worse not better.

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