In some cases juveniles should be tried as adults: Are crimes committed by juveniles a serious problem?

  • Juvenile crime is a major problem

    Yes, I believe that juvenile crimes is a serious problem. The reasoning behind this, I believe, is because juveniles understand the system and know that they will not be punished appropriately. Some adults have been known to have juveniles to commit crimes for them because of the lack punishment. When juvenile commit adult crimes, then they should receive adult time. This will deter some from growing up to be adult offenders.

  • These are serious crimes.

    I think that many young people hide behind their age to allow them to commit horrific crimes. They know that they are gaming the system and, in some cases, literally getting away with murder. I think that this is a serious problem with the criminal courts of today and that we should evaluate it.

  • Crimes committed by juveniles are a serious problem.

    Crimes committed by juveniles are a serious problem because the pose a threat to the role of children in society. Children are supposed to be innocent and pure beings, not criminals. If children commit major crimes, there is something seriously wrong with society. We should work together to fight juvenile crime.

  • Crimes committed by juveniles are a serious problem.

    Crimes committed by juveniles are a serious problem. Juveniles that commit crimes know they can escape the justice system because of their age. Most of the time the juveniles that commit these crimes are released and they go on to further commit even more crimes as they get older. I think it is a problem.

  • In Some Cases

    I believe it is important to give young people a second chance, but I also feel like many children in the juvenile system receive far too many chances. I believe when a child has continued to break the law, well into their teen years, then yes, they should be tried as adults.

  • Juvenile Crimes Serious

    Crime is a serious issue. When the crime is committed by someone who is just starting out in life then it becomes a major serious issue. The crime issue is serious for juveniles because it causes a negative effect on how Americans are getting educated in the American school system.

  • Yes, crimes committed by juveniles are a serious problem.

    In today's society children are going up too quickly and they are making adult decisions far to early. If these children believe they can make adult decisions then they should be held accountable for those decisions. In some situations it is because of negligent parenting or the lack of suport that they received while growing up, but this doesn't excuse knowing the difference between right and wrong.

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