In some cases juveniles should be tried as adults: Are juveniles in juvenile courts being punished too mildly?

  • Juveniles Get It Easy

    Juveniles should be tried as adults. While I think it is a nice idea to give children a buffer when considering the law, they have, at the same time, shown that they commit crimes on par with adults. Juveniles are often given punishments that are too mild and also have their slate wiped clean as juvenile records tend to remain sealed.

  • All people should be punished correctly for their crimes

    It doesn't matter what age you are because clearly you had enough since to commit the act, so why shouldn't you do the time like everyone else. Your age just justify or give you a slap on the wrist for committing adult crimes, so you should do the appropriate time for your crimes.

  • Juveniles should not be treated like adults

    I believe that the juveniles will change to become a better person. If they commit the same crime again or whatever other crimes, they should be punished heavily like adults. I do agree that juveniles should be tried as adults but you might not know, what if they really change to become a better person in a juvenile court?

  • Kids Need Lessons Too

    When juveniles are tried as adults, they are punished too lightly with regards to felonies. I understand overcrowded jails. However, there must be some alternative to jail time if kids can't spend a lot of time in juvenile detention. Hours of community service can be one alternative in addition to "shame and blame" tactics.

  • Juvenile Penalties Not Enough

    The juvenile courts often fail to punish juveniles properly, which means that juveniles need to be tried as adults more often. If a minor is tried as an adult, then they're far more likely to receive a proper punishment and sentence. Therefore, they'll actually pay the price for their crimes.

  • Juviniles should be punished with keep their actions in mind

    I agree with the fact that juveniles are punished to mildly often with just a small time sentence. I think they should be brought to trial as adult for bigger crimes that they might've have committed. While being juvenile if the punishment is mild they might end up committing that crime again.

  • Juveniles should not be tried as adults

    The youth in our country are not free of crime, but they also are not completely guilty in crimes. The youth have not developed the frontal lobe portion of the brain(which is not fully grown until age 25). The frontal cortex on the human brain includes the decision making skill found in area 9, 10, 11, 12, 46, and 47. Although they must be tried, Juveniles are not able to be held on the same account has a fully grown person.

  • It's defeating the purpose

    Like the commenter above said, the two groups of criminals are separated for a reason. If we were to treat the juveniles like adults the entire purpose of the separation would be defeated. Juveniles still think like kids, and they do not realize the amount of harm they've caused until after the deed has been done. Both juvenile prisons and normal prisons are supposed to be environments in which those who have truely realized their mistake are supposed to redeem themselves. But in prison the mentality level is much higher and sophisticated then the juveniles.

  • No, juveniles are not being punished too mildly.

    I believe that juveniles in juvenile courts are not being punished too mildly. Of course there is the exception if the juvenile has committed a serious crime, such as murder. However, I think when juveniles commit a crime for a first time it can be just a bad decision or the result of peer pressure. If the offense is minor the punishment should be more toward rehabilitation.

  • Juveniles are not adults

    The legal distinction between minors and adults is made for a reason, and trying juveniles as adults ruins this entire purpose. The entire prison system is a mess in America as it is, but putting children in prison for twenty-five to life is nearly barbaric. They need rehabilitation in addition to education, and putting them away won't do any good.

  • Juveniles deserve some leniancy

    I think there are times when a juvenile should be tried as an adult, but these cases should be the exception not the rule. In many cases a kid does not realize the extent of the harm they are doing and it isn't until after they are punished they realize the mistake.

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