In some cases juveniles should be tried as adults: Do juvenile delinquents benefit from being tried as adults?

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  • Yes, they need consequences.

    Yes, juvenile delinquents benefit from being tried as adults, because it helps them understand the gravity of their actions. Statistics show that most people who end up in the criminal justice system as juveniles will be in the system as adults. We might as well start dealing with the reality of these people now, rather than just give them free passes until they are adults.

  • Juvenile delinquents do benefit from being tried as adults.

    Juvenile delinquents do benefit from being tried as adults. They should be taught that they cannot do something that horrible and get away with it just because of their age. I think if they can commit the crime then they should be required to do the time just as anyone else would.

  • No, delinquents do not benefit from being tried as adults.

    Just because juveniles get a harsher sentence doesn't mean they will learn from it, they will only become better criminals. Also, in adult prisons/jails have no mind for the education juveniles need. If juveniles are tried as adults, we'll then they won't have time to grow up, and kids, and some teens don't think the same as adults.

  • No they don't.

    I do not think that juvenile delinquents benefit from being tried as adults. I think they get a much harsher sentence than they deserve. This leads them to be long-term criminals because it is all they know. They should be worked with and rehabilitated. Almost every young criminal has the potential to become a normal citizen.

  • Juveniles Never Benefit From Being Tried as Adult

    While juvenile delinquents never benefit from being tried as an adult, they do receive appropriate punishments they wouldn't receive in the juvenile system. For that reason, it's sometimes important to charge juvenile offenders as adults. They receive harsher penalties and are kept from the public in a place they can't cause further harm.

  • To an extent.

    I think juveniles being tried as adults can benefit them to a certain extent, depending on the crime, of course. If it is a small crime, but they still get the same treatment as an adult, perhaps they will learn their lesson after the first offense? Sounds like a good thing to me.

  • There is no benefit in delinquents being tried as adults.

    There is no benefit to the convicted delinquent if they are tried as adults. Moreso, the benefit lies within society. In order to be tried as an adult, the delinquent has to have committed a crime to a substantial degree. Usually these crimes have significant repercussions, and therefore their punishment should be just as significant.

  • Juveniles should be tried as juveniles, not adults.

    The maturation process is as much psychological as it is physical. Children who commit crimes are not mini adults and, therefore, do not think like them. They are children who commit crimes as the result of a child's mindset. Treating a child like an adult for committing an adult act is neither beneficial nor reformative.

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