In some cases juveniles should be tried as adults: Would adult-like sentencing act as a deterrent?

  • Trying juveniles as adults, with the potential for a harsh punishment, would serve as a deterrent to other juveniles.

    If this resolution were to pass the adult trials would serve as deterrents to other juveniles.
    Juveniles who have committed felonies may be excused because of their age or their non developed mind and that can cause more crimes due to lack of understanding that juveniles can get away with felonies and may cause the juvenile to commit crime again and even at a severe level.

  • Yes,adult-like sentencing would act as a deterrent.

    When it comes to juvenile crime,adult-like sentencing would act as a detterrent.Many times juveniles feel like they can get off scott free when it comes to punishment because they are underage but if they felt like they were subject to the same punishment as an adult then it would be possible they would be deterred.

  • Adult Sentencing a Deterrent

    Without a doubt, juveniles would be deterred from committing crimes if they were charged as adults more often. Children learn lessons from harsher punishments, so this move would make children far more fearful of being charged as an adult. This policy would somewhat reduce juvenile crime rates, but it wouldn't eliminate such crimes.

  • Yes, adult-like sentencing would act as a deterrent.

    If juveniles knew that they would be punished more harshly for their crimes, that may act as a way of deterring them from committing crimes in the first place. However, doing so might also lead to them committing more serious crimes in order to not get caught. For example, the addition of more serious punishments might cause a thief to murder so as to try and not get caught. So, it would act as a slight deterrent, but it might lead to more serious crimes as well.

  • If you commit an adult crime, you should do adult time.

    I think juveniles should be charged and tried as adults if they commit adult crimes. Yes I think adult-like sentencing could be a deterrent for committing the severe crimes. Often juveniles think that they will get off easy because they are under age. If they knew they would certainly be tried as an adult they might think twice.

  • The only deterrent is education

    People who live in fear of society and only refuse to commit criminal acts because they are paranoid of getting caught are not living their lives correct. Harsh sentences shouldn't be a deterrent, being naturally immoral and committing harm to other people and property should be a detterent enough for people.

  • Adult-like sentencing would not act as a deterrent.

    Juvenile offenders do not have the maturity to think about their crimes in advance. They would not be deterred by threats of adult-like punishments. The best way to prevent minors from offending is to educate them and provide better social services. In this way, we can keep our kids safer.

  • No not as a deterant

    I don't think adult like sentencing will serve as a deterrent for kids but sometimes it is the proper sentence. I think the child is still going to choose to do something wrong even with the risk of larger punishment. They need to be punished properly but it is not going to stop them.

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