In Star Trek is The United Federation of Planets Communist. ?

  • Yes it is

    Cuz is a socialism: all races working 4 the common welfare, Equality, Inclution, No discrimination of gender, Race, 4 income, Belief, Etc etc

    they need to build a classless universe an it takes some time, Thats the motto to explore the space and known more places

    All workers united! Nothing to lose

  • Not in the upper stage of communism, But definitely the lower stage.

    The Federation appears to be a dictatorship of the proletariat where the power structure, Though we know little about it, Is similar to Marx and Engels’ idea of centralism, Where local government is still held as more important than central government. There’s no mention of corporations or an upper class within the Federation, And possibly the biggest indicator of the lower stage of communism is the lack of money within the Federation. Citizens are also granted universal healthcare, Food, Housing, And education.

  • Definitely not communist, As there is far too much autonomy allowed. Also there are many governments within the federation that are allowed to govern independently.

    I would say the federation is pretty classical liberal like the US. (meritocracy, Pluralism, Political freedom, Individual liberty, Rule of law, Pursuit of truth, Etc. ) There may be a left slant to the federation, Even one of socialism at times? Maybe even resemble the EU at times. But certainly NOT communist. The federation is just not authoritative or tyrannical enough to be communist.

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