In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren says "Let the past die. Kill it, If you have to" do we agree?

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  • Kill All The Persons IN It

    If one is empty enough, Surface level, Actually Shallow, A no-depth dullard, One may forget. Those of high intellect, Who remember, Cannot. The Superman-dilemma. The wrongs perpetrated by Others, Are our kryptonite.

    A Christian, Or certain of other faiths truly committed, May forgive. . . But festering is imminent, Minus diligence. "Letting it go", Is to say "Oh, Well! It doesn't matter! ", Gutting meaning eventually, From your walk through the world.

    The line as Jediesque, Was corporate: "FORGET GEORGE LUCAS! LONG LIVE DISNEY! " As applied to life, It depends really, Upon how much one values survival versus dignity. To illustrate by way of example, I've never understood why these elderly who are ambulatory, Don't simply begin to murder and murder and murder. What reward is there, In accepting sad, Moldering, Day by day death? NONE. Anyone who doesn't have "take _______'s life" on their so-called "bucket list", Is a defeated hunk of flesh.

    Human, IS The Dark Side. Actualize it. Because as Dr, Hug, Leo Buscaglia of the bestseller "Love" put it, "The opposite of Love is Not Hate; it's Apathy. It's not giving a d@mn. " "Letting go", Is apathy. What you and others felt and did, You are saying HAS NO MEANING. It Did Not, And It Does Not. This makes life a one-dimensional;, Surface level, Meaningless white noise of lukewarm existence. By this yardstick, Charles Manson lived a more meaningful life than you.

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