In Teenage life, does the type of music they listen to influence their decisions?

Asked by: ZacGraphics
  • Yes music can definitely influence a teenager's mood and decisions

    As a teenager who listens to many different types of music, I strongly believe that the music you start your day listening to can influence your decisions for the day. Music is one of the greatest forms of self expression and therefore while listening to someone's music you are connecting to the artist on an emotional level. For example, if someone listens to emo or punk music where the artist music and lyrics are often angry, from my own experience, the listener will subconsciously develop angry feelings. Music can strongly influence a teenagers mood, which unarguably influences their decisions.

  • Yes, it can influence the decisions of teenagers.

    I believe that, more often than not, the music that teenagers listen to influences the kind of decisions that they make. The people that I go to school with that listen to soft instrumental music are often the more calmer students who are able to easier focus on school. The people who tend to listen to rap music with a lot of profanity seem to be the ones who get themselves into more trouble at home and in school.

  • Yes, it can change the mindset of a teenager.

    As a teenager, I can confirm that the other teenagers around me are heavily influenced by the music they choose to listen to, and that music usually comes from popular artists. It changes the way they move, dance, think, and choose. Have you seen this and agree, or do you disagree?

  • No, its much more.

    The type of music you listen to doesn't effect your decisions, its just music, it can't compel you to do anything. If I listen to a song that says, "We shoot and steal, kill for real" Im not going to go kill a bunch of people, and if we are talking about just teenagers, why doesn't everybody who listens to bad music go kill people? Why doesn't everybody who watches Game of Thrones go commit incest and kill their family with an Longsword?

    Are you kidding me? Its not music at all, its who raised them, (excuse my stereotyping), but let me paint a situation for you.

    A 16 year old kid, who's mother works 2 jobs to pay for their tiny apartment in a bad neighborhood listens to rap music. His father left his mother before he was even born. His friends peer pressure him to try alcohol, then drugs, then steal. He finally gets caught. What is to blame?

    Was music influencing his decisions at any point? Its idiotic to say that music can effect a person, and to say that (a music genre) is more effective then others, is again, idiotic. I listen to old hip-hop, but also the newest rap, but I also listen to rock, pop, classical, and never has it influenced by decisions, BUT, I have a caring mom and father that care what I do, some people don't have that... So they are more likely to fall into peer pressure, or even their own desires...

  • Music does NOT influence a teenager's decisions in life.

    I really don't see how music would influence a person's decisions. For example, I listen to Slipknot, Disturbed, Eminem and other kinds of rap. I'm a responsible person, maintaining all A's in all AP classes. I'm ranked 20th in a class of 731. The music i listen to doesn't make me want to kill anybody, for example, and clearly it doesn't affect my decision making. And for those saying that music does influence a teen's decision, you're more likely being stereotypical. I mean, a lot of people in society would think that people who listen to rap are thugs/gangsters. Well, that is certainty not the case. I'm willing to bet that there are lots of people that are just like me. Also, everyone's heard this but you should not judge a book by it's cover.

  • No, it has no bearing on a teenager's decisions.

    Why should listening to rap versus pop, or country versus classical determine whether or not a teenager enlists in the Army. Music is just a string of sounds placed in a way that is pleasing to the ear. It does not determine how a life decision is made by a teenager.

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