In the 1990s, Penn & Teller created a video game called Desert Bus: Is this the worst video game ever?

  • Why Would You Do That To Yourself?

    I guess I just don't understand what the guys were thinking. I'm not sure who would really want to play this game more than once if that. Giving only 1 point for "driving" for 8 hours is crazy. Making a player drive for 8 hours on a video game alone is crazy.

  • No, Desert Bus has raised millions of dollars for children’s charity.

    No, Penn and Teller’s video game, Desert Bus, is not the worst game ever. Desert Bus is not only a cheap video game; it’s also a children’s charity, Childs Play, which has raised millions of dollars for sick children. Desert Bus may not be the best game, but it isn’t the worst because of all the good it does. Because of Desert Bus and its charity Childs Play, children in hospitals are provided access to much-needed games, which promote happiness and health.

  • No. The title of "worst game ever" belongs to Custer's Revenge

    Even though Desert Bus could arguably be called the worst video game ever, common consensus is that Custer's Revenge, the 1982 Atari 600 game created by Mystique, is probably the worst game ever made. Not only is it crudely made, it's pretty offensive on all levels, as part of the game play includes getting General Custer to rape a Native American woman.

  • Significantly worse out there

    There are significantly worse games in the world than Penn and Teller's Desert Bus. Either way, the word "worst" is subjective, and it is pretty hard to be the all-around worst game in creation. If one wants to find a truly horrible video game in multiple senses, it only takes a few seconds on the Internet to find one.

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