In the 2013 gubernatorial elections, do you agree that the best gubers were elected?

Asked by: bigdave
  • Virginia made the right choice

    I'm not familiar with many of the 2013 governors races, but I followed the Virginia race very closely. Virginia absolutely made the right choice by electing Terry McAuliffe as their new governor. Ken Cucinelli would have been a terrible governor with extreme view, but Mr. McAuliffe will likely make an excellent governor. If nothing else, McAuliffe will ensure that Virginia accepts the Medicaid expansion, which will ensure that thousands of Virginians are able to receive medical care that they desperately need.

  • This question is too wide

    We can't simply articulate a question like this it is not appropriate to do so. Each state is unique along with the people that got elected in them. We can't simply talk in the masses like this and expect all people to be the same. Some governs may be doing good for their state where others are not.

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