In the age of post 9/11, could a release like the Pentagon Papers ever happen again without consequence to the whistleblower?

  • It already has

    This already took place with Snowden, a traitor that cowardly skipped town while the aftermath was still unfolding. It's unlikely he'll ever have to answer for his crimes, he's always going to have somebody anti-American to cover for him. It's a spineless, reckless move, but it's one that took place and did so successfully.

  • No it can not

    In post 9/11 the government is much more active and on top of leaks and issues. If someone is a whistle blower on a major issue they are going to face issues with the government. The only way they wouldn't is if it was so severe an issue they were able to get protection from a major party.

  • No, Consequences Will Come

    I believe in the post 9/11 age you will not see whistle blowers go without consequences. Such as Edward Snowden will never be able to return to the United States, regardless of the fact that as a United States citizen, I view him as somewhat of a hero. The United States doesn't speak for the people in this country, they do as they please, and the imprison people as they please.

  • It couldn't before

    What difference does it make that we are in the post 9/11 era? The leaker of the Pentagon Papers was found, put on trial, and ended up doing some time in federal prison. Furthermore, today, the wikileaks leaks were far bigger than the Pentagon Papers, with the leaker (Manning) in prison and Wikileak's founder (Assange) a fugitive in London.

  • Just look at what's happened to Edward Snowden.

    Well, look where we are right now with that. We have Edward Snowden stripping the veil of secrecy away from the National Security Agency and boy, aren't they furious. He's a wanted man, the United States is putting full diplomatic pressure on any nation that dares to offer him asylum. He will never know peace for as long as he lives. So to sum it all up in a one-word response to this debate question: Nope.

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