In the Christian Afterlife, In the Christian Heaven no one is Incel, Involuntary Celibacy will never be a problem for anyone

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  • No one will have sex in heaven.

    Jesus said in response to a trick question of the Pharisees in Luke 20:34-36, That no one will marry or be given in marriage in heaven. To Jesus, Marriage and lack of virginity were synonymous, At least in the proper sense. Thus, No one will have sex in heaven, Because there will be no need to reproduce. While there are functions of sex outside of reproduction, Such as deepening the bond between two people, On an objective level, Reproduction is at the center of the existence of sex, And without it, Bonding and pleasure could realistically be found elsewhere, Even if it might be slower to attain. From a Christian perspective, Involuntary celibacy is not strictly a pressing issue. The first duty of a Christian is to align one's heart with love and respect for others, In the process doing them good. Sex is, At most, Secondary to this fundamental calling. After all, Jesus cared more about doing the right thing by his people than finding a spouse. Why should we do any less. The fact that this is so hard to hear is because it flies in the face of what Hollywood and popular culture tell us true love and marriage should be. Throughout history, And certainly in the Bible, Marriage and sex was conceived of as a function of natural utility. Two people consider the benefits of being married to be greater than the benefits of not being married, And so enter into a mutual agreement to sexual and emotional devotion to the other. True marital love is not some quality that exists by virtue of itself and independent from all other kinds of love, But instead a set of duties and continual actions of compassion and an attitude of servitude that builds affection and unique friendship between two people.

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