In the future (2030 and above), will children be taught only to type and not to write?

Asked by: littleninja8613
  • Writing will die

    I believe in the future, not near future but in the future writing will be extinct as times are changing rapidly and it is quit scary. As schools are starting to implement teaching kids on tablets and it would be easier then carrying heavy bags. In many work places such as my own we are resolving to paperless.

  • We do not communicate with picture drawings or carve on stone tableta

    Though it's also possible we will still have free hand drawing with those electronic pens, it is highly likely that writing will become as archaic and only practiced by renaissance fair specialists for preserving history much like how we do not draw pictures to communicate and preserve history like Egyptians do. And also when have you been taught to carve down your homework on a stone tablet?

  • Writing not needed anymore

    In the future, tablets are required to only type out the answers. Memo apps can function as normal notebooks, and as long as the children can recognise and differ between letters, they can take notes no problem. Besides, if the child gets bored, there is always are range of games to help the child pay attention.

  • Will people not draw?

    Language is a form of expression and should be treated like a form of art, true as the years go by people will become more and more reliant on computers, but people will still use a pen and paper to draw, at least a tablet and stylus to design a font, so i completely disagree.

  • We still need the basics.

    What happens when your server is down? Or if you travel to a country that does not have a good internet connection. I hate to burst your bubble but not every country in America. If they do have internet connections, they may not be reliable. Do you expect the US to pay for the entire world to have high-speed WIFI?

  • What happens if technology is inaccessible?

    There really isn't any reason I can see to not teach kids how to write. Yes, technology will be everywhere, and most places won't require written work, however writing is still an easy form of taking down notes or communication or leaving reminders around. There's also the possibility of technology failing or being inaccessible, so written word would be necessary.

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