In the Garfield comic strip, Is Pooky the teddy bear like Garfield's Guardian angel, Nothing bad can happen to Garfield when Pooky is around

  • Melvin Hagerman typed the following comment on the Garfield Fans International Public group

    On the Facebook Public group
    Garfield Fans International,
    Melvin Hagerman typed the following comment
    "Something I posted to friends of mine a year ago came back up on a Memories page, So I thought I post it here and see what Garfield fans thought. . .
    Garfield’s teddy bear Pooky is in reality. . . His guardian angel in disguise. Prove me wrong.

    Proof: Whenever Pooky is nearby, Nothing ever seems to go bad to Garfield.
    No pies splatting him by surprise, No all-Monday calendar nightmares, He doesn’t get swatted by the dog door or get hung on the screen, The next door dog doesn’t seem to be around, Garfield never misses on Odie, No surprise visits by Nermal—or Arlene for that matter, And so on. "

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