In the grocery store buying honey, I wondered if it should be in a plastic bear (no) or a plastic bee (yes)?

Asked by: bigdave
  • It's common sense, dude.

    I'm sure that bees would hate us for using BEARS to market honey. Bears don't work their whole lives making honey for your stupid tea. Bears don't go and pollinate our flowers and collect nectar so we can have honey buns. Bears don't know the struggle of getting smacked around every spring.

  • Your going to confuse society

    Kids now believe what they see. They see honey in a bear their going to think honey comes from bears. If you put the honey in a bee they know where honey comes from. When cereal, lets say comes in a box that tells you right there cereal ain't from nature!

  • The bee makes more sense.

    We get honey out of bees anyway, so why confuse the people on Debate.Org who are already sooooo confused. I mean we don't ever get honey out of a bear. Well maybe we do in some strange veterinarian emergency room, but it would not happen very often, So vote YES for bee.

  • 3 reasons: cost, tradition, and nature.

    Cost: if you create a plastic, 3D bee, then that will be WAY more expensive than a bear. Think about it: hard to make bee vs cheap bears.
    Tradition: it has always been posted as bears. So just let it be.
    Nature: bee vs. Bear: guess what? Bear wins. When bear attacks the beehive, bee can only sting. But bears always gets away with the honey... Even if bears eat bees, not honey (ps: i said the honey part, because in cartoons (ex: Winnie the pooh) they always go for the honey.)

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