In the name of sportsmanship, should bloodsports be legal?

Asked by: MrV666
  • Yes bloodsports should be legal.

    Bloodsports shouold be legal becouse it is highly entertaining. Though there is lots of death it should be allowed becouse people would have to sighn up so they are prepared to risk there lives for the entertainment of others. It could be compared to a circus where people risk there lives doing stunts all the time. For example tight rope, chainsaw juggling. I pesinally beleive that america should bring back the good old gladiator sport and use illegal immigrants. When they stop coming use people in large debt to the government. When people are economically secure the government should jack up taxes to get new gladiatos.

  • If they are fair, laissez-faire.

    I propose, rather than the banning of bloodsports, such as the now defunct gladiator fighting and the still-kicking bullfighting, a reform. Rather than having an army of men butchering a single bull in an arena of cheering sadists, have one man with no weaponry aside from his speed, agility, and strength against a single, healthy bull. I propose sports where men and women demonstrate legitimate physical superiority, where a man can wrestle a bull to the ground with his bare hands. Challenge me if you dare.

  • It definitely should

    I can't believe this is even raised as a topic because it is automatically answered is the name "Blood-sport" really attractive? It expresses cruelty to animals and even exploitation of humans. I'm assuming a fair percentage of the world has moved on since the Roman-era. I wouldn't like to be spending my Saturday being forced to watch slaves compete in a contest which results in at least one death if not both.

  • To thin out the idiots.

    Look at all the idiots that think blood sports should be legal. These people made me realize something, what if we didn't have to deal with these idiots anymore? Send them all to the Colosseum and watch them brutally slaughter each other and wallah, you no longer have to deal with idiots from all political parties. I think the most vocal ones are usually the idiots that we would send so it would be easy to send them to the slaughter. *If your IQ is that of a potato please step in this line*

  • Yes, I believe it should be.

    Based purely on emotion, I say yes because I'm an incredibly angry and bitter person that just seems to loathe humanity more and more with each passing day. Really, I think it perfectly sums up what a truly nasty and vile race we are that people would sooner have a bigger issue with two men kissing in most countries, than children being exploited and paid nothing. Oh, and lets not forget our population. 7.7 billion people. Even if you're not completely skeptical, bitter, and cynical like I am then I hope it's clearly that it's only logical to consider that there's far too many of us.

    Of course as I think thoroughly though I imagine people throwing their lives and entire families being destroyed from this. As bitter and hateful as I may be, I would not like to imagine a poor desperate person having their life end like this. So, I'll be completely honest with you, I nearly decided not to reply to this because I wasn't sure what to make up with it. Emotionally, I want people to be punished, but when I actually start to think about us the honest truth is that not every person is bad.

    So, here's what I'm thinking. Lets not just have it be a blood sport where anyone can just sacrifice their lives. We need to have restrictions. Those who wish to participate, they shall be warriors. Not desperate people who'll do anything to make money, but people who want to live a life of this savagery. Secondly, we'll have another group of people. Criminals. These 'warriors' will not be fighting criminals; they will be separate classes. Furthermore, I would also like to add that their would be restrictions for what criminals are utilized for this sport. Thieves, sex offenders, (Read: sex offenders, not rapists) and people guilty of more minor crimes will not be expected to participate. I am talking about the absolute worst of society, criminals which aren't just simply accused off horrendous crimes, but absolutely take pride in it. The ones who flat out admit their involvement. So there, we'd have three kinds of 'games' going on. We'd have warriors, criminals, and if any 'warriors' are willing they would have the opportunity to first hand snuff out a criminal.

    Though, to be honest, this is just the tamer incarnation of how deluded I can be. Because deep down, I don't just want to stop there. Lets throw people in who wear fur and have them worn as a coat, CEO'S of fast food chains being thrown in with cannibals, and lastly, lets throw in corrupt politicians with other corrupt politicians.

    Just think about how much we'd get done. We'd lower the population, we'd get rid of horrible people, and we'd make money. It's not just a bloodsport, it's the greater good.

  • Yes they should

    I think they should be legalized because of the huge tax income they would generate. Of course we can't say that there is a audience for such sports. As long as the participants enter the "arena" on their own free will there is nothing wrong with it. The highest ratings in sports occur when fights break out. Even more so when they get messy.
    So to review:
    1) Direct income taxes
    2) Televising related taxes
    3) Public rating ( more indirect taxes )

  • Of course bloodsports should be legal

    What happened to everyone getting so soft? We need to bring back gladiator battles as an official blood sport, while we are at it we should also make "the last man standing" types of bloodsport as well, because I don't know about you but bloodsports are cool as fuck. (

  • I just like violence.

    Yes, I think that blood sports should be legal because it may be immoral and wrong, but we could use convicts. It would severly reduce the overcrowding problem in prisons, and it would make any person think twice before commiting a crime. Plus, this could be a voluntary sport to join. It would be highly discouraged because you would be going up against cons, but its the ultimate adrenaline rush.

  • They should because it is the person's choice to join the sport.

    Just like somebody joining soccer because they have a chance of getting side tackled, bloodsports should be allowed, only because we still have some responsible people in the world. I am sure that if bloodsports were legalized america as a whole would be more prepared for a worldwide apocalypse. Think about it. If you can fight a lion and win you could dominate a zombie.

  • Bloodsports should be legal

    Because it takes guts to do something like put your life in danger for something like a game. I for one would take training first, then do a bloodsport. Something like fighting with swords Roman style or something like Hunger Games should be allowed in our society somewhere deserted or on an island. You must first be looked at by your doctor, and examined by a professional sports doctor and psychiatric doctor. The tole of putting your life on the line can be devastating on your mind when going anywhere.

  • Under no circumstances.

    This is a poorly conceived question. One only has to look at the lowest common denominator to see where this will lead. There will be poor, desperate people who will sell their lives to these bloodsport arenas in hopes of "bettering" their circumstances, and spectators that will pay to see people legally killed in an arena. It will be a travesty to any sort of conception of human rights.

  • Never ever should this be allowed.

    I can't believe this is even raised as a topic because it is automatically answered is the name "Blood-sport" really attractive? It expresses cruelty to animals and even exploitation of humans. I'm assuming a fair percentage of the world has moved on since the Roman-era. I wouldn't like to be spending my Saturday being forced to watch slaves compete in a contest which results in at least one death if not both.

    I would imagine PETA would hold a certain view on this question...

  • Is this a joke?

    "bring back the good old gladiator sport and use illegal immigrants", yes because that strategy worked out great for every other civilization in history. First of all, no one should be fighting each other, unless both have consent and have safety measures. So no to forcing illegal immigrants or animals to fight to the death. Also, people who want to feel a rush of excitement, watch MMA fighting, where they don't try to kill each other and they fight because they both love the sport.

  • It's immoral and inhumane.

    The Romans used gladiatorial games as entertainment. The Romans killed of an estimated 1/3 of the world's population. Think of it this way, would you like to be in the Colliseum? I guess voluntary games would be less destructive, but it is still immoral to kill for pure entertainment. It's also against my faith.

  • No no no

    It is immoral and frankly barbaric. To allow these kinds of sports we would become the barbaric civilizations of the past and the ideas of the young would become corrupt. Because of blood sports in Ancient Rome, Nero killed hundreds of Christians to the point that they were becoming martyrs.

  • No, murder is illegal.

    Sports is meant to test which team has the heart, skill, and determination to triumph with a VICTORY. It is based off of pride, not bloodshed. With blood sports the goal is to kill your opponent, which is war, not sport. The concept of a legal blood sport league is scary and is almost purge like.

  • No, they are inhumane.

    No, bloodsports should not be legal in the name of sportsmanship, because that is not a sport. Sport is, by definition, something that is undertaken for fun. If it results in blood, it is no longer just for fun. Something that is a bloodsport loses its ability to call itself a sport. It is harm. They should be illegal.

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